Maria-sama ga miteru, the 180 degree turn, and the Twisted One


*Another directionless post on anime, manga, and plain books

I just wanted to rant on how I’ve been completely engrossed in Marimite. I was supposed to watch the series and the sequel once, and then move on to the next marathon. However, I ended up watching the first season twice (I’m now on season 2 but still some episodes left to rewatch). And that was not enough; I had to get the manga scanlations, and then still not satisfied I read the online translations of the novels available. I cannot seem to get enough of the stories it’s scaring me a little. If ever an English translation of the novel will be sold here in my country, I might go and buy all of it (I mean the set). So before I get lost in yuri-land (or worse, watch the series for a third time), I think I’m gonna have to start on Evangelion again. I know I said that I’m gonna start again on Eva after Binbou Shimai M and H&C II end, but I have to see something else now. It has not helped at all that after dropping some shows, I’m left with the mentally ‘heavy’ ones–Ergo Proxy, Honey and Clover, Night Head Genesis, NANA, and even SP is in a dramatic(?) mood. I have ‘light’ shows on my watchlist: Ouran Host Club, Naruto, and Eyeshield 21. Even then I still get the feeling of being drained. I think I may have even lost some of my appetite for Honey and Clover. Maybe I have to take up a series that has brainless fun…

The About Face

I know I said that I didn’t like reading manga. Well, because of the above reason, I have ehem, taken the first step to being a manga reader lol. Anyway I have another one on my menu: Boys Be. But it’s only for one volume. An officemate actually gave away copies of this manga to friends. I ‘snatched’ one from a guy who doesn’t even read manga or watch anime. He’s not gonna read it anyway, so why not get it myself? Hahaha. But what interested me was that it was in Japanese! Yey!! Nihongo study material lol. Even more convenient is the fact that even the Kanji has its Hiragana equivalent, so I won’t get frustrated by lack of knowledge of the Kanji. The cover says volume 5, and maybe I’ll start on it next month.


This is off-topic, but I wanted to write about it anyway, for historical purposes hehehe. I just bought the book Twisted by Jessica Zafra a few days ago. I’ve been meaning to buy a book of hers for a long time, since my college days! But whenever I had some extra moolah, I would just lose my resolve and buy some other book (that would later just lie around somewhere unread, or unfinished). She is one of my favorite contemporary writers, or at least from the living. I like how she writes, her articles are funny. And now I just realized it: she’s the first Filipino writer whose book I bought that wasn’t related to school at all! So maybe my writing style is just a reflection of my admiration of Zafra? But when I write I really don’t want to sound boring, not because I’m a Zafra fan. Also, when I feel that what I’m writing is too serious, I get bored. I can’t go on writing if it gets boring for me. If I get bored, it’s not fun anymore, and it’s better I quit doing something boring and do something else with my time. I’m not getting paid for blogging anyway.

Ok, I think that’s enough ranting and raving. 🙂


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  1. Wow, apparently you liked Marimite. =) I haven’t watched anything twice within that short time let alone also read the manga little after that. Now just go to watch it third time, fourth is optional too. =)

  2. i beat you…i’ve watched the 1st season at least 4 or 5 times. i lost count the second season i watched around 3 times.

    i’ve read the manga up to vol 3 chap 20 (wats available of the net) and read all the novel translation i could find and all the reviews i could find.

    i downloaded the anime but now i’ve actually buying the japanese release and if its ever released in english i’ll buy tat too.

    though i don’t think i read as many mangas as u. by the way, which novel vols have u read?

  3. Wow you really love Marimite, basing on your comments =)

    I’ve read the translated ones on Ziggr, and most of the other links there. Though it would have been better if there was a real English translated book I could buy, if they make it available in my country. 🙂

  4. true true…i’ve been asking the publishing house like Del ray, viz and madman if they were going to release the novel, so far only madman replied, they weren’t going to release it.

    i was hoping sum1 would keep translating the novel, but i guess its a bit hard to since its so long.

    i’ve resorted to learning japanese and buying the jap version instead. now if only i was gifted in learning languages i will be able to start reading soon.

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