Honey and Clover II: Episode 08


*Finally finished rewatch of Marimite and now it’s time to tackle Honey and Clover once again.

Okay, so Hagu’s opening statements were eerie, dying if she can’t draw anymore? However, I am so glad for Takemoto. He finally has an idea on what to do after graduating. He actually tells Hagu that he’s going to be a restoration worker, restoring temples and shrines. I dunno, but I get the feeling he’s sort of given up on Hagu? On the other hand, Hagu gets to thinking that they won’t be seeing each other as often as they do now, because people will be going their separate ways. She also asks what she can give Shuu in return.

Hagu and Takemoto

And then the countdown begins. I think that the upbeat song that played before and during the time that Hagu was injured by the broken glass took away the emotional impact of Hagu’s accident. Or to use another word, cushioned the impact.


And then as the glass shards broke and fell, we are taken to Spain for another Mayama x Rika moment. Grrr, shoo, stalker!! I’m more interested in Hagu right now!


Shuu gets a call telling him of the accident, and Hagu is taken to the hospital. Takemoto only sees the scene of the accident, and it was really a mess. Were the glass shards so heavy that much blood was lost? Ok forgive the question. I just can’t believe it myself.

The Morita brothers also appear as they take back their father’s company. Again I’m not interested.

With Hagu’s injury, the only thing I’m interested right now is how this will factor in the end. Will she get better? But I doubt if she will be able to draw the same way she did before her injury. This series has been getting better and better every episode, and now I’m dreading the ending.


On a side note, at the mention of graduation and Hagu’s painting of gingko trees, Marimite again came to mind. Oh well, just demonstrates how the series made such an impact on me.


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