Anime Nano Podcast 08


The first podcast that I get to write about features vibrators? What timing. =p

But I’m not going comment anymore on that hehehe.

One of the topics discussed was the groupification of Random Curiousity. This interested me because RC was one of the very first anime blogs I discovered. I dunno what series started it but, being impatient I sometimes searched for episode summaries. Ok I remember now, it was Gundam Seed Destiny. RC didn’t blog this but then I got hooked on Bleach and I started doing the same for it. That’s was probably how I found out about anime blogs. Hantsuki came along and so did Fate/Stay Night, and before I could stop I had developed a habit of reading anime blogs. I only stopped frequenting RC when the shows I followed ended. Then I got an internet connection and the rest is history.

On watching anime in 8 years time. Why 8 years time? I dunno, I think 10 years time is better lol. As for me, I’d probably still be watching if I’m still single by that time hahaha. But probably not as much as I’m watching now.

Remakes. Hmm, I still do wish that Gundam Seed Destiny will get a remake. And it’s because of the not so inspired ending that a guy named Fukuda is listed in my brain as one of the handful of Japanese directors that I know. Now I can’t remember the other director…

First impression of anime. Now this is tricky. Even before I knew about anime, I was already watching it. I didn’t know because I was too young at that time, and anime was a term that was not as popular as it is now. Also, the ‘cartoons’ were dubbed in English, and so I thought all ‘cartoons’ were made in America lol. And the first anime that I can remember as far back would be Astroboy. Wow, I feel so old already. So I can’t really remember much about my first impression anymore. But I’m not the only one reminiscing right now.

The latest e-drama. I left this out because I really wanted to write about Random Curiousity first. So, the whole Doremi-Anime Junkies comparison was a revelation. I mean, I really didn’t know that nobody from Doremi translates from Japanese to English. But I will continue to get their SP subs, I think their subs are ok. But I will be looking forward to episode 22. I think I already spotted a minor error in the other subbers’ release. But I’m not as good in Japanese as DM is though…hmmm 🙂

Ok ok, I still have work tomorrow and I can’t believe I sat through this for 50 minutes.


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