Neon Genesis Evangelion 02


I actually thought at first, oh, so Shinji was defeated. That’s what happens when you jump to conclusions. I really got misled by the fact that after Unit 01’s arm and head were damaged the next scene was Shinji in a hospital room.

And then there’s the part where Misato takes in Shinji. Now I wonder which anime started this trend of hero/boy moving/living in a house with a girl (or usually it’s with a bunch of girls). But the penguin part was funny though. I didn’t expect to see penguins lol.

Now the battle between Unit 01 and the Angel was beyond my expectations. Hand-to-hand combat with mecha doesn’t look awkward in NGE. Must be because of the Eva’s design. It looks flexible enough that hand-to-hand combat is believable.

On the other hand, Shinji’s musings about unknown ceilings still baffles me though.  Or was the meaning lost in translation?


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  1. I love reading about NGE especially from the point of view of someone who appears to have not seen the series. Keep posting about NGE, I will certainly be one who will read your progress through one of my favorite series.

  2. I haven’t watched NGE in awhile but i’m pretty sure the unknown ceilings reflection by Shinji was just him thinking that he disliked sleeping in a new place and that he was moving all the time and it was symbolized by looking up at a new ceiling.

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