How not to lessen your anime backlog


Warning: Serious people keep out.

1. Watch a series that is not on your viewing schedule.

It’s a good a way to overcome boredom with the currently airing shows.
Plus, it can be posting material when you’ve run out of topics to write about.

2. Watch the series you just finished for a second time.
Yes, burn the image into your mind. You will look slightly smarter once you are able to spew out trivial stuff.

3. When subbers are slow, watch the raws, then watch the subbed episode again later.
You can always brag that you watched the same episode twice. And you wouldn’t be lying. If that’s not enough, get another subber’s release and compare till your eyes surrender.

4. After watching a show for the second time, read the manga next, if there’s any.
You might have missed some details/stories that were not covereed in the manga. You will then be more enlightened, or disappointed, whichever you prefer.

5. After having done all of the above, go to a forum and troll.
Discussion hones our analytical skills, thus we can reason out more. It doesn’t matter if what you’re really saying is illogical in the first place. Karma stats are just online decoration.

6. If you’re not into trolling, just lurk.
If there are 74+ pages of a discussion on your favorite series, yes, you have to read them all my dear. It is your absolute duty to catch up. Once you’re finished, go find another forum with 100+ pages of discussion on the same series.

7. Listen to podcasts, like the Anime Nano Podcast.
Interesting topics include vibrators, mechs, and Ultra Ray Romano. If you miss even a single syllable, you have to start over again from the beginning. It’s your fault for not listening more attentively.

8. Last, but not the least, venture out into the real world every once in a while.
You could always go to malls if you have nowhere to go. Window shopping can still be considered as a form of exercise. You’ve been sitting all day and night in front of your PC, your ass needs a break.

Well, that’s all I can think of now. Until the next time I feel like posting crap again, ja!


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  1. Also one more. If you watch any shows from youtube do search random anime “quickly” that you didn’t plan to watch at all and end up sitting hours in the front of computer. Kind of variation to first one, but it’s much easier to distract when it takes only seconds to start watching.

  2. @Anga

    Yes, I could probably do that, but I usually hate waiting for the video to load while doing nothing. That’s why I’m not so fond of Youtube.


    I already do that so it’s like a regular thing already lol


    I’ve done #3 with Ergo Proxy, though I don’t compare subbers’ releases. But I’m most guilty of doing #1 and #6 ^_^;

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