Kiba: 23 episodes later


*Finally caught up with the Kiba series releases.

I was actually relieved when Rebecca disappeared and Dumas died. One of the reasons I couldn’t get myself to watch continously was because I hated how characters would pop out every now and then and the flow of the story seems to lack focus. It seems like everyone is running off somewhere it’s too tiring too watch.

That’s why it was such a pleasant surprise when Mikki turned ‘bad’. Actually he just got overpowered by Dumas’ spirit that the mischievous Robes gave to him as a memento. It was interesting because by now I was wondering ‘What’s gonna happen to Mikki? What’s gonna happen to Mikki?’ But still it bugs me he didn’t get punished for stealing those spirits. Or they didn’t show him apologizing to his victims. It seems so un-Mikki.

Another more pleasant surprise was the return of Rebecca. Although I hated her at first, I now liked the ‘mean’ and vengeful Rebecca. It was such a complete reversal of character it was quite refreshing to watch in this show. She was kicking ass. And just when I was beginning to like the Rebecca with the darker side, they kill her off. So just when a character develops another dimension they remove her. Utterly disappointing.

Another character who has turned more interesting is Noa. To kill a former friend (or acquiantance to be more strict) in such a cold and composed manner is a departure from the weak Noa of old. And his spirit looks badass too.

Anyway I’m glad that now, Kiba is more watchable. And so before my PC overheats and dies on me, ja!


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