Neon Genesis Evangelion 03-04


Ok, that was eerie. Shinji repeating the instructions mindlessly, that is. The screaming at the cockpit was sort of unsettling too. And the heavy breathing afterwards.

I would have to disagree with what Shinji did though, admitting immediately that he was the pilot of Unit 01. Though it must be part of the story, I’d rather leave out extra-curricular activities like this lol.

Now I’m tempted to label Shinji’s running away as a bad case of burnout as an Eva pilot. All that screaming and fear must take a toll. But his problem is much deeper than that, it’s his personality and his experiences at play here. He’s probably the most troubled mech pilot I’ve ever seen. (The natural wackos, e.g. Sagara’s cousin from FMP, or the masked blondie from Gundam Seed, are not included.) Shinji really has a weak personality. From an objective point of view, how can you trust the security of the world to such a person? But then again he’s just a 14 year old without any real motivation for piloting an Eva.

On the other hand the conversation between Misato and Shinji couldn’t have been animated better. The dominance of black/darkness only enhances the impact of Misato’s words and Shinji’s pathetic replies. My impression was ‘This boy needs a counselor.’ If I were to say what makes Eva stand out for me right now, it would be this sequence.


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  1. actually, shinji does have motivation to pilot the eva…i dunno if this is a spoiler or not, so read at your own risk – shinji practically lives on the praise of others and always wants to feel wanted/needed, which is why he pilots it

  2. eh, cant remember which episode – i watched this some time ago, but it gradually builds up and youll see when you watch more (or maybe it was in the movie EoE?) im not even sure if he realises himself why hes piloting it, but it becomes apparent later

  3. “Where or when does that come out? I got the impression he had no motivation when he sort of said “My father’s not here so why am I piloting Eva?” ”

    That’s easy. Shinji, even though a part of him loathed his dad, deep down wanted his parents to praise him just like any other child. At this point in the story, Shinji had no close connections with anyone in Tokyo-3 except Gendo. And as such was only multivated to act when he is present. This will soon change.

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