Binbou Shimai Monogatari 10: At last, THE END

*Project Raw

Kyou remembers about the promise she made with her mother when the latter was pregnant with Asu. Their father was still with them then. Then Asu wakes her up, it was a dream after all, and she’s sick. However, Kyou still insists on doing newspaper deliveries. But her body is really not up to it after all.


So when Kyou finally recovers, she resumes her job of delivering newspapers. However when she gets home, she finds Asu sprawled on the floor. Kyou and Mr. Landlord call and ambulance to take Asu to the hospital. On the ambulance, Kyou remembers as her mother as she was being taken to the hospital.

At Asu’s bedside, Kyou remembers again her promise–to protect Asu. And then she thinks she hasn’t done that.

Kyou then goes home to an empty apartment, and breaks a plate. Then cuts her finger peeling an apple. She then cries and laments that she can’t do anything when Asu’s not around.

Kyou visits Asu at the hospital. She offers the peeled apples to Asu, only to discover they’ve all turned brown LOL. Mr. Landlord makes his appearance, and then tells Kyou to go to school. At school however, Kyou can’t concentrate. Her mother’s words keep playing in her mind.

When Kyou goes to visit Asu, again, voila! The whole cast seems to have gathered. 🙂 Ginko is there, Ms. Neighbor is present, Masao the musician is with his guitar, Mr. Landlord is reading a newspaper, and there’s two little girls whose names I don’t know. Asu tells Masao she wants to hear his song. Asu catches a glimpse of Kyou at the door as she goes away.

Everybody's here

While walking alone, Kyou notices the dandelions, her mother’s favorite flower. She goes to pick one up. She remembers picking them up as a child to give to her mother. But when she reaches the hospital room where her mother is, the latter was already dead. She then falls back to blaming herself for not being able to do anything, and ghost mom makes another appearance. Or maybe Kyou was just being delusional. Hahaha.

So Kyou asks her mother why she smiles when she looks at dandelions. Ghost mom replies that dandelions are enjoyable to look at. It’s because a dandelion is also like Kyou, enjoyable to look at it makes her smile(or at least that’s what I think she’s saying). Then it’s Asu’s turn to make a ghost-like appearance, reminding Kyou of the time she promised Asu she won’t leave her.

Ghost ASu

Meanwhile at the hospital, Asu is wondering about Kyou, and that she must be a bother to her sister. Just then a light is flashing at the window. Asu takes a look outside, and Kyou throws her a dandelion.  And on pieces of paper Kyou writes: Asu, good night. Get better fast! And then petals galore!

Asu is discharged and the girls walk home. More talk on ‘The Promise.’ Duh. And yeah, the ending scene has petals galore.


I liked it when Asu was spoonfeeding Kyou. It’s a welcome sight aside from another round of hugging. But then, as usual, I think the drama is stretched too much. But this is not the worst episode for me, episode 9 is. And the makers of this show have not shown mercy on us at all–they ended on petals galore. Grrr.


  • Animation at 0.50/0.75. I absolutely dislike the petals galore, though animation quality was acceptable.
  • Characters at 0.50/1. The only amusing characters here are those rich sisters.
  • Music at 0.50/0.75. I think the OP was acceptable.
  • Story/Plot/Dialogue at 0.50/1. If it weren’t for the fact that I was watching this primarily to practice my Nihongo listening skills, I would have dropped this right from the first episode. It bores in most parts, but if you like seeing the travails of two cute girls as they supposedly ‘struggle’ in life as orphans then this is for you. The drama really isn’t that dramatic, and the attempts at comedy won’t elicit good laughs either.
  • Entertainment value at 1.0/1.5. I have to admit that at one time after a hectic week of work watching an episode made me feel better. This series doesn’t make you think hard, that’s the strenght I see in this show. But if you get annoyed easily by cheesy stuff like petals all over the background from time to time and not so realistic situations then you should pass up and go watch something else.

Rating: 3/5
Okay I’ll add the over-all review later. And then maybe the pics. My right hand is actually still sore from all the re-categorizing I did earlier.

12.09.2006 I finally had the time to update this review. For more on what BSM is all about, take a look at the first episode summary.


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