Neon Genesis Evangelion 05-06


I’m kind of shocked that Rei’s room is that awful, at least mine is not that messy. I’m puzzled at how could she not react more forcefully after Shinji entered her apartment; it seems the only thing she cared about that moment was the older Ikari’s damaged eyeglasses. An uninvited guest entered your room dammit!! And girl why do you not lock your door?

It’s interesting how both Rei and Shinji have different points of view about the elder Ikari. Elder Ikari burned his hands trying to open Rei’s capsule when the experiment went wrong, and gave Rei a good impression. On the other hand, Shinji, being the son, has a more unflattering impression of his father. Familiarity breeds contempt, it’s been said. But it was just a clash of two people who only know one side of a person they both now, perhaps.

I wonder why Rei acts like a robot–there’s no showing of emotions, verbally or physically. She admits though that she doesn’t know how to express herself, and that’s a start girl.

And I get to see the weirdest Angel so far–the Drilling Angel lol.


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  1. The way that Rei acts will be explained later on so don’t worry about it too much. And the Drilling Angel is pretty crazy.

    I think I said this before but I like reading your journey through Evangelion. It’s one of my favorite series.

  2. Just a hint… Check what’s on top of Rei’s fridge.

    Specifically, what she substitutes for a mug for taking her medication… Think about “why”.

  3. @Vallen Chaos Valiant

    Dude!! You made me watch ep 5 again!! =p
    Was that a beaker???!!!

    I didn’t give much thought on that though. Beside those bloody bandages and stuff, it didn’t look too out of place lol.

  4. @scott

    Keep on reading. 🙂

    @Vallen Chaos Valiant

    Ok, I’ve been thinking–so Rei can’t afford a mug? XD

    On a little digression, I’m wondering now if the Eva pilots get paid or if they’re given an allowance. It’s too unrealistic to think they’re doing this pro bono lol.

  5. If the Playstation 2 game plot was correct, it appears they get an allowance.

    And since you missed my hint, I might as well tell you; Rei uses a laboratory measurement beaker instead of a mug. This should tell you something about what kind of environment Rei grew up in.

  6. omg i cant believe i didnt see that earlier!! well, it doesnt really matter as i know rei’s history and all, so… but yeh, thanks for that little hint, Vallen Chaos Valiant!

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