Honey and Clover II: Episode 10-11


This time I’m just gonna post a few random thoughts. I just can’t bring everything together cohesively anymore. It’s like the dreaded writer’s block. I’ve also been saddled with how to compose my long overdue post on the summer anime. It doesn’t help that tomorrow I’ll be doing overtime again. Another leisurely Sunday afternoon gone. I really hate what I’m coding right now. ‘Verishit.’

Yamada Genocide!!

I’m quite happy with this episode since Yamada’s cooking takes more victims here lol. Though I wonder why Hagu seems not to be affected with the taste of Yamada’s cooking.

Yamada Genocide

Morita also learns about Hagu’s accident. But the drama of his arrival was somewhat blunted with Takemoto’s booboo.


However, this episode is all about Morita and Hagu meeting again. Of course I’d prefer he not show his face again, but Hagu does like him.


The point of no return

Although it gets sadder each episode with the spectre of parting, I still love this show. But lately I haven’t been in the mood to write about H&C partly because of that. The show is gonna end soon (with the release of the last episode), and Hagu’s accident as one of the defining moments of their last year together isn’t a nice memory at all.

So Hagu chooses Shuu, and asks that he dedicate his life to her. Of course we all know Shuu is willing to do that.


I think that Morita and Takemoto’s moves were too Matrix-like. On the other hand I’m glad that Takemoto just says what is on his mind honestly now. The fight actually looked harmless and then those dogs come around! Guess it was a hilarious way to end their fight.

Morita gives Shuu money–a box full of it in fact. So his materialistic mindset may have triggered this. But there’s no other way he can actually help with the rehabilitation of Hagu. But I couldn’t stifle a laugh when Shuu threw it back at Morita, then saying he’ll return the money but not Hagu. I’m relieved my laugh wasn’t too loud at all to disturb the peaceful lunch break lol.


Edit: Hahaha


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