Neon Genesis Evangelion 07


Sometimes I feel like I’m putting meaning on things that have no meaning/significance at all. Shinji has a guardian in Misato, whereas Rei doesn’t have any. Is it to show that Shinji is not independent-minded enough to live on his own or does Rei just want to be on her own? Both are supposed to be 14 year olds (if I got it right), yet I’m surprised at Rei’s seeming self sufficiency. On other hand, would it be less interesting if it were Rei living with Misato and Shinji going on his own? Ok, so probably.

There’s also the reused breakfast scenes with the penguin. Though it’s not as annoying as the Gundam Seed/GSD reused scenes. With a different Angel each time for an enemy, I don’t think they can reuse a lot. On the other hand Rei’s Unit 00 seems to be always out of commission.

It’s more humane than putting a heavy workload on pilots and causing mental illness. It’s safer than a dangerous weapon that goes out of control. Because you rely on unreliable things, like human minds. The speaker for the Jet Alone casts aside Ritsuko’s arguments with those statements. Of course they made sense, but he used NERV’s booboos against them perfectly. And to top it, used an under the belt tactic by making a joke with Ritsuko’s gender. Of course it worked to digress from the whole argument by getting the audience to laugh.

The incident with the JA seems to have been ‘staged.’ Although I think the JA Team deserved it though, they seemed too overconfident. And when things go terribly wrong, as expected politicians will turn into spineless creatures.

Now when I had my Nihongo class later, the word kibou (or hope 希望) came up. Suddenly remembered that this was the password to the JA. But why is this worthy of mention? Actually it’s quite unusual for me to remember trivial things such as this. Looks like my brain’s gotten a little better at connecting stuff and remembering–but just a little.

And yeah, I’ve been humming ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ frequently these days. But it’s ok, it’s not yet reached the scale of the Marimite instrumentals that kept playing on and on in my head for days not so long ago.

Okay, I have to sleep early now. Ja!


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  1. No fair, I had to stop and read this because I’m a sucker for EVA. As for your “fly me to the moon” comment, I tend to get the songs of the series I last watched stuck in my head. Although, Honey & Clover hasn’t done that, yet, it’s only made me hungry.

  2. I hate Fly me to the moon…ugh

    And about Rei living by herself, remember the comments on your last Eva post about her beaker that she uses to take her medication? Well, that and the fact that she lives along sorta go together so if you can see the connection…

  3. @ j. valdez

    We live in different timezones so I can’t be awake all the time you know =p

    @ Danny

    I used to hate oldies songs as a teenager but now as I’ve grown older (ouch) I’ve come to appreciate them more hehehe.

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