First Impressions: Metal Armor Dragonar


The Unified Empire, Giganos, was built on the moon to ensure the survival of the human race. Seeking a new world order, Giganos had declared war on the allied forces of the planet Earth. With their technological superiority, Giganos controlled 70% of the Allied countries. In the midst of a Giganos attack on their space colony, three friends, Ken, Light, Tap, find secret weapons called Dragonars.

What can I say? It takes a cue from Gundam. Space colonies versus Earth? Check. Battleships in space attacking a neutral colony? Check. Suspected hidden mechs? Check. Newbies who are not supposed to be piloting mechs but will suddenly find themselves piloting mechs? Check.

I was taking this first episode seriously at first but when a damaged car runs faster than space bikes(?) then watchability goes down a bit.

My car!
I thought cars couldn’t run on less than 4 wheels

The mech battles aren’t exceptional, but the new pilots seem to know how to use their mechs, not even sweating a bit. They defeat trained soldiers too easily. And they’re not even Coordinators at all.

Suit 1

The AnimeNfo entry (alternate name:  Kikou Senki Dragner) says this series has 48 episodes, but I wonder if this series was worth that.

The Three Musketeers

Now the designs are ok (this is late 80’s anime we’re talking about), but then this mech anime feels too generic to be really worth some of our time.


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  1. This anime deflated many expectation we had concerning any new scifi anime. Before this aired, we gave any new mecha anime series an obligatory 3 episode trial: We gave up this practice after this series and gave mecha series a chance only if it gets good reviews from multiple sources for more than 5 episodes. That did free our time for many other kinds of Anime, though.

  2. It does seem that a lot of mecha anime lack originality, especially when it comes to first episodes. The newbie to instant mech pilot seems to be an affliction that the mecha genre just can’t get rid of.

  3. That may be true, but don’t we all just wanna see the lead kick everyone’s asses even though he’s just an amatuer? Well, I certainly do. Of course, slow increases in skill as the plot progresses is ok too, as long as the lead doesn’t get owned that many times.

  4. Good start. And it isn’t practically copying. This was actually supposed to have succeeded the Gundam sags. If that happened, we would have Dragonar SEED and Dragonar Wing.

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