My Top 5 Anime for 2006 v4.0 etc etc


This could be the second to the last rankings post, since I don’t foresee any other series that would make a big impact on my top 5 list.

The Top 5

#1 Ouran High School Host Club

This anime is like a whiff of fresh air for this year. Like a rose among thorns lol.

#2 Honey and Clover II

It got sadder, but yeah, some good things never last. Besides, too much of Honey and Clover isn’t good either.

#3 Xxxholic

I’ve been enjoying this one, notwithstanding the not so exceptional animation.

#4 Black Lagoon

Looking forward to the second barrage. 🙂

#5 School Rumble Ni-Gakki

Actually I’ve dropped this series since there’s no other subber I liked other than WF. And my knowledge of Japanese and Japanese culture isn’t that good enough for me to be able to watch raws of this show; I won’t be able to get the gist of the funny situations and it would be just an exercise in futility. But I loved the episodes I’ve seen, so yeah, this will stay at this spot for a while.

New Series

I haven’t been able to make posts on these shows since I was not too enthusiastic after watching them. For fans of some of the shows I apologize in advance if I’m too harsh. But abusive and incoherent comments will be deleted.

  • Chocotto Sister – The first episode gave me the impression that this was made with pedos in mind. Sorry for the terminology, there was no other way I could describe how I feel about this show. Dropped.
  • Tsuyokiss – I should have taken the panty shot as a warning, but I chose to ignore it. The moment the swinging boobs became more and more noticeable I decided to stop watching. This anime is not for me.
  • Muteki Kanban Musume – There were some parts where I laughed and there were some parts where I didn’t think the comedic moments amusing enough to laugh. I don’t know, but I got the feeling this show was trying too hard to be funny. Or maybe my sense of humor is just wrong. Dropped.
  • Coyote Ragtime Show – The entrance of the 12 sisters from nowhere were a great surprise. I’ve never seen so much dead people since the Ergo Proxy mall scene. It was awesome. Unfortunately my time for viewing anime is quite limited, so I dropped this one.
  • Gundam SEED C.E.73 -STARGAZER – This is just another ploy to sell more Gundam toys. But it’s Gundam so I’m still watching it. I don’t expect much in terms of story and character development, but I’m looking forward to random battles and explosions. It’s only 45 minutes of wasted time after all.
  • Night Head Genesis – Ok, two handsome brothers with mind powers. After the second episode I lost my appetite for watching this. I still have the rest stashed in my back-up hard disk. I don’t know when I’ll watch an episode again though.
  • Innocent Venus – The mechs move too fast for my liking. That monkey boy is annoying, and I don’t like the girl they’re protecting. I was hoping for another interesting mecha show, but I’m a little disappointed. Same status as Night Head Genesis.
  • Le Chevalier d’Eon – Thank God there is another subbed episode out. This is one of the few anime that I have been wanting to watch more of.

Other 2006 series I’m following:

  • NANA – it’s good thing that there’s some development going on. Looking forward to watching more.
  • Ergo Proxy – I skipped two episodes and watched the ending raw, but I’ll be holding out judgement until I watch the rest of the subbed episodes.
  • FLAG – I’m actually bored with this show. I’m stuck at episode 2.
  • Strawberry Panic – The amnesia thingy was crappy and the writer deserves to be punched or something. I feel stupid watching this show but it’s too late to drop it now. On the other hand, special mention to Doremi for getting the score on the tennis match right, the other subber probably heard rabu (love) as double lol.
  • Kiba – When will this show end?


Other shows finished:


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  1. @Danny

    If there was a decent fansub around I’d watch SRII again.


    Some of them I dropped because I didn’t like them, but Utawarerumono, NHK, The Third, and CRS were dropped because of lack of viewing time. Also, the latter were not that high on my priority list so they got bumped off my ‘schedule’ lol.

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