Neon Genesis Evangelion 10-11


Thermal expansion. I have no idea if it really holds true with Asuka’s teasing question to Shinji. But I’m pretty sure Asuka’s bloated suit shouldn’t have fit in the cockpit.

Shinji is also assuming too much this time, thinking he’d be the one chosen again to face an Angel and capture it. Asuka is also feeling competitive when it comes to Rei.

However I’m surprised that something as simple as thermal expansion would apply in defeating an Angel. There’s too much heat around to make a difference. And can you really send a penguin in a box?

Now I do think that leaving decision-making to three supercomputers is a bit too much. Of course, politics is messy, and perhaps in a very unique situation like in Tokyo-3 a more strong type of governance is required. I don’t think everything can be quantified into variables and calculated. And episode 11 demonstrates how reliance on technology is not that good. But there isn’t any other way to survive, unfortunately.

Must be hard for Shinji to have a father like his. On the other hand, Rei the girl scout rules!


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  1. technically, they ARE just computers, only they have a certain ‘trait’. do you know who made them? if u do, that’ll help with this

  2. “There’s too much heat around to make a difference. ”

    On the contrary, the heat around them MADE the difference. The Angel was killed because of a massive temperature difference between its internal structures from its external. Try heating a rock till it is red-hot, then throw a bucket of ice-water over it; it would explode/crack open.

    Oh, by the way, pay attention to what Kaji was doing when Asuka went lava-diving; he is playing with fire.

    (Extra note: Evidence that Ritsuko Akagi actually DON’T know as much about EVAs as she would lead you to believe; Evas don’t need diving suits to survive in crushing lava, because the AT field will guard the pilot’s life.)

  3. “Why is Kaji playing with fire? ”

    Because of his REAL job(s) in NERV…^_^
    Let’s just say one of his jobs is to spy on Gendo, but Kaji is doing separate spying on his own time sticking his nose into other, secretive matters…

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