There’s a time for everything, especially anime


Sometimes some shows need to be watched at a certain time of day. Of course these are my own preferences, but somebody might be doing the same, perhaps?

First up, Mushishi. I actually found out that Mushishi is best watched early in the morning. And not just early in the morning. I found it more enjoyable to watch when the sky looks like it’s going to rain, but it won’t. The cold morning air just gets me in the right mood to appreciate the slow pace of each episode, especially when you’re marathoning it. Of course, with the opening song’s potential to make you sleep, it helps a lot when you’re wide awake first thing in the morning.

Other series worth watching in the morning would be Xxxholic, Night Head Genesis, and those other shows that might contain scary elements. I don’t know about others, but I do not like scary anime. I don’t like horror genre at all too, more so with live-action movies. On the other hand, series that I don’t like to see in the morning include Naruto, Bleach and other shounen shows. Mecha shows are fine in the morning too, but I think they’re fine any time of the day.

Suzuka so far has been the show best watched at lunch for me. I can’t quite explain it, but Suzuka always manages to give me a refreshed feeling after the first half of the day’s work. Other good shows would be Honey and Clover and Shakugan no Shana. Comedy shows are even more welcome, I especially was having good laughs with School Rumble season 1. Also, lunch time is the perfect time to be watching shows which for some reason I cannot marathon–like Evangelion. The time constraint just works in my favor that way lol. But that is also a disadvantage–you’ll absolutely hate it when time is up, or when you really have to pee and there’s just five minutes left of playing time. Now that really feels like hanging.

Now that I’m working, of course I can’t watch shows in the afternoon (or morning too on weekdays). Even on weekends, I don’t like to watch anything. Usually that’s because in this tropical country of mine, it’s the hottest time of the day, and I can’t go on watching anything or else my PC’s damn processor will decide to take a permanent vacation. Also, afternoons on weekends are usually reserved for trips to the mall–usually when I want to watch some movie or buy something that I must have. Although these days, I don’t get to go out as often as I did in the past year or so. On not so good days that’s the time I do overtime–the only bonus is that the office is airconditioned, and my room is not.

Well I think that nighttime is the time most suited for watching shows like Maria-sama ga Miteru and NANA (or you could throw in SP). Most shounen shows are a good watch too, like Naruto, Bleach, or Kiba. Now I definitely avoid shows with disturbing themes or scary elements, lest I go to sleep with the image of the crying Naoya still in my mind. I actually dreamed about vampires when I was crazy about Angel back then, I definitely don’t want some super-weird crybaby or other monster stalking me in my dreams ever.


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  1. I, too, have a time preference when it comes to viewing certain things. When it comes to doramas and live actions, I think it’s best to watch it when it’s mid afternoon. I guess it just started when I was watching Hana Yori Dango around 3:30 every week and it stuck. When it comes to movies and anime, I just HAVE to watch it at night. Everything has to be pitch black for me to enjoy it, sorta like in the movie theaters.

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