Neon Genesis Evangelion 12-13


While celebrating Misato’s promotion, Shinji asks “Why are we making such a fuss?” I can actually relate with Shinji on being not used to being around so many people–but only if they’re strangers or people I only get to be with rarely. The latter include relatives and acquiantances. But instead of being happy that he has friends, Shinji’s thinking about the fuss they’re making.

The Bomber Angel seems to be the most colorful so far. And I’m surprised how Misato can propose such a ‘miraculous’ operation to the Eva pilots without looking so gloomy. Shinji on the other hand asks Asuka her reason for piloting an Eva. Asuka answers it is to show the world her talents. Earlier at the celebration for Misato’s promotion, Shinji had also asked her why she joined NERV. Perhaps this is one way Shinji thinks he can arrive at his own reason for piloting the Eva?

While eating ramen (of course they’d defeat the Angel), Shinji finally knows his reason for piloting the Eva: to hear words of praise from his father. Well, I guess for such a person as Shinji, that would make sense.

In episode 13, the nature of the Magi is finally revealed. It feels so GITS-like, except that ‘traits’ from Ritsuko’s mother are put on the three computers–Balthasar, Casper, and Melchior. The contrasting personalities of a scientist, woman and mother were intentionally left to create a human dilemma. A little surprising, since I thought the Magi were all about logic. And I liked this episode because they didn’t need the mechs this time to defeat the Evolving Angel (and the mechs wouldn’t be able to anyway). Hmm, I think I’m enjoying naming the Angels now.


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  1. Damnit! You make me wanna watch it again but I’ve seen it like 8 million times this year. I love the Magi episode as well. I’m not sure if you know this yet but the Magi is like democracy in action inside a computer. That’s why there is a intentional human delimma left inside and also since it governs every decision in NERV you do want a computer that thinks more like a human to make all your decisions than a purely logical computer.

    Not sure that entirely makes sense. Sorry if it didnt make any sense.

  2. Note that, within the Magi, there was a rather angry sentence of “Ikari is a @%$&!” written amongst the other technical notes.

    Remember that for later.

    (Oh, I am going back to write something about the previous EVA review that I missed. So feel free to have a look… I would be offering hints relating to the magma-diver episode.)

  3. @scottafrye

    I actually get the part where you say it’s a democracy in the Magi–they make decisions by majority. And it’s also acceptable to me now that I know the Magi doesn’t make decisions purely on logic–there’s still some human element to it after all.

    @Vallen Chaos Valiant

    I didn’t notice that! =p

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