Neon Genesis Evangelion 14


At first I thought this was recap episode. They also show the Angels and their names. Though I’m too lazy to research if their names mean anything. I think also that names like ‘Drilling Angel’ are easier to remember than a name like ‘Ramiel’. But what I’m more interested in would be what that Seele scenario is.

I still can’t understand however why Rei thinks the elder Ikari is comfortable like water. The things she thinks about while inside Unit 01 are mind-boggling to me right now. I don’t know what to make of them, yet. On the outside she seems to be more calm and collected than Shinji.

So the reason Rei can sychronize with Unit 01 is that she has the same personality as Shinji. They are both introverts, whereas Asuka, an extrovert, well, they don’t even try to get her to synchronize with the other Evas. And wow, Unit 00 seems to be one ‘messed up’ up Eva.

This episode seems to leave me with a lot of questions. What happened to Rei in the past? What was Unit 00 trying to do? Why does Misato think it’s trying to kill Rei? Why does Ritsuko think it was trying to kill her? Who is Seele? And what is Longinus Lance?

Looks like I’ll have to watch more to find out. @_@


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  1. The names of the angels along with the Lance of Longinus are from the bible. You should look them up to help you understand the meaning behind the names 😀

  2. Most of the Angels in Evangelion are actually not named in the canon Bible… Because Gainax didn’t feel like using any of the “famous” Angel names.

    That ‘drilling Angel” is actually the fifth, Ramiel, Angel of lighting. Hence its powerful beam weapon.

    The first Angel you saw in episode 1 is the third, Sachel, Angel of water. That’s why it has gills on its sides.

    The second with the laser whips is the forth, Shamshel, the angel responsible for locking Adam and Eve out of Eden. He has a flaming sword if they ever try to get back… Hence the whips.

    6, Gaghiel, the Angel of fish, is the one that attacked Unit-2 during transport. Note that it was NOT trying to destroy Unit-2; it was trying to recover Adam. Unit-2 was sent with it as a bodyguard and for no other reason, but only Kaji and Gendo knew about this. That’s why Kaji flew way on a Yak custom when the Angel attacked; His mission was to guard the suitcase, not to follow Asuka.

    7, Israfel, is the Angel of music. Now you know why there was dancing that episode.

    Number eight was Sandalphon, Angel of unborn children. That’s why it was a fetus. Note that the episode offers the first clue that 2nd impact was caused by an attempted Angel capture that went wrong, rather than any meteorite.
    That’s why they were prepared to nuke the place if Asuka’s mission failed; there wouldn’t be any humans left if 2nd impact repeats itself.

    9, Matarael, was the angel of rain. Hence the tears of acid. A pathetically weak Angel in the TV show, and is made fun of in a few official Gainax comedies.

    10, Sahaqiel, is the angel of the skies. Hence the dive-bombing performance.

    11, Ireul, is the Angel of fear/terror. Gendo and Nerv denies officially that this angel attack even happened, as mentioned in episode 14. The fact that it managed to almost blow up the whole base was too much of an embarrassment for Gendo to ever admit to his bosses.

    Oh, and just as a refernce… The Lance(or spear) of Longinus is effectively the mythological counter-balance to the holy Grail. The Grail and Lance were effectively two halves of the same coin. Christ’s side was pierced by the Lance, and the blood flowed into the Grail. Thus they were created together.

    (the following is popular folklore)
    Grail gives life, as shown spectacularly in the Indiana Jones movie. Thus, the Lance takes away life. You can raise the dead back to life if you have the Grail. But with the Lance, you can give death to the living. The welder of the Lance is invincible in battle, but if the user ever lose it or no longer own it, that person will soon, usually within a day, die.

    Death cuts both ways.^_^

    oh, the supposedly real spearhead is at present in an Austrian museum, after a brief period when Hitler “borrowed” it. If you belief in folklore, Hitler shot himself in the head within hours of losing the spear to the allies.

    On the other hand, the Catholics claim the spear is actually sealed in one of its Vatican pillars, but that is just silly… No one would have done that without putting a shrine around it.

  3. the reasons the pilots can synch with their evas is not because of their personality…here are some clues:

    Rei is not JUST Rei
    Unit 00 is not JUST Unit 00
    Unit 01 is not JUST Unit 01
    Unit 02 is not JUST Unit 02

    This is probably going too far, but this is similar to the Magi Supercomputer case, although Rei is a special one…Btw, it has been revealled where the Evas came from/constructed from yes? If that is so, then you should start to see a connection with the Evas and Rei especially.

  4. @Vallen Chaos Valiant

    That was one long reply… ^_^;

    The closest meaning to Rei I could relate would be ‘precedent’.


    I don’t think I’ve seen that explanation yet.

  5. “The closest meaning to Rei I could relate would be ‘precedent’.”

    Well, there was more than one way to intepret the meaning… but the most frequent used kanji for Rei ( レイ) in EVA is 零.

  6. “Well, there was more than one way to intepret the meaning… but the most frequent used kanji for Rei ( レイ) in EVA is 零.”

    Does it mean “zero”? I’m not sure what that has to do with anything – care to explain? It’s not meant to indicate her connection with Unit 00 is it?

    Btw, I used an online translator for that kanji so it might be wrong, but I doubt it.

  7. I’d say, don’t worry about the past of characters, that gets explained quite well throughout the whole show – it’s the ongoing plot that’s mind-boggling… and well… I don’t think anyone understands it… not even Hideaki Anno (new retelling of Eva much?)…

  8. Maybe that’s a big part of Eva’s appeal, the mind-boggling plot. It has to distinguish itself somehow, or else it would have been just another mecha show. The first episode had me thinking along that line.

  9. I suppose that is its appeal… 😉

    Oh, and BTW, I’m hoping you will be watching the Directors Cut versions of episodes 21-24, not the original TV versions. Those DC versions offer several additional scenes (and better animation in one quite important battle for your eyes to enjoy) and those versions are an absolute MUST if End of Evangelion is also in your schedule. 😉

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