Neon Genesis Evangelion 15


Now my head is spinning from all the questions…

What’s Rei doing in Central Dogma?

What’s the secret behind Adam?

Etc, etc, etc…

I’m so baffled this is all I can comment about this episode right now…


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  1. Ask me specific questions, about things you don’t understand, and I might be able to help you.
    I will also avoid spoilers, but will offer information about hints you might have missed on earlier episodes.

  2. “Is his interest in her only as an Eva pilot or is there something else personal?”

    Well… Gendo is interested in Rei in several ways.
    Professionally, Rei is important as a pilot, but not as important as you might think. Thus, Gendo does have emotional investment on Rei…

    Remember that time in episode 2 when Misato picked Shinji up from hospital? Gendo was there to see Rei, not to see his own son.

    On the other hand, it is always hard to decode Gendo’s thoughts. Let’s just say Gendo intentionally arranged matters so his own personal affairs would actually assist rather than hinder his professional goals.

    I can’t tell you more without spoiling. Let’s just end by saying Rei is one of the single most important person in the entire plot, and that’s why she has so many fans even though her spoken lines were few and far between.

    Note: There was an interesting, though non-critical bit of information in Rei’s dream speech. She is “a woman who does not bleed”, implying that she doesn’t have menstrual periods and as such, infertile.

  3. Another thing… A major clue on Rei’s association to Gendo was hinted at this episode.

    Oh, since I have more time I might as well answer some of your original questions…

    “What’s Rei doing in Central Dogma?”
    Listen to the converstion at the start of episode 15, between Fuyutsuki and Gendo, again.

    Gendo actually has three different mission objectives, though they are linked.
    1. The project concerning Adam.
    2. The EVA project. Research and development of the evangelions.
    3. Human Instrumentality Project. (don’t ask)

    To answer why Rei is in central dogma, you would need to realise what central dogma is. It is the place where all the REALLY secretive stuff is. In that scene, Rei is offering her assistance on one of those three projects above…

    And here is a freebie; Kaji’s recent actions have being noted by the NERV secret service. Ritsuko might be out-ranked by Misato, but Ritsuko actually has HIGHER security clearence than her. Ritsuko, for old times sake, warned Kaji this episode to stop spying on things he wasn’t told to spy on.

  4. That was just a cat-themed memorabilia. Ritsuko likes cats.

    Keep in mind that only a select few people actually know all the secrets of this show, and they aren’t telling. Some of the other characters only know parts of the story… So don’t take their words for gospel.

    The following people’s words need to be observed closely: (they know most of the secrets, but don’t trust everything they say… most are also good liars.)

    The best are Gendo, Fuyutsuki, Ritsuko. Anyone seen only in flashbacks are good too.

    Misato and Kaji are good for hints but don’t expect answers, because they haven’t got any. Misato’s friendship with Ritsuko has become strained as of late, because she knows she is being kept in the dark and yet could do nothing.

    Maya Ibiki is a special case, since she, being Ritsuko’s assistant, knows far more than her rank normally allowed. Her conversations with Ritsuko can offer much insight.

  5. Have you ever seen pictures of the movie End of Evangelion and seen Rei depicted in some special way? (And possibly another character who will be introduced near the end of the show). Rei’s a special entity and is vital to Gendo’s plans. Not only that, Rei is actually…connected to Gendo in a way. (hint-do you know what Gendo’s late wife looks life?)

  6. Also before the meaning of Rei’s name was mentioned. The various meanings of “Rei” are cool (as in detached), zero, ghost, companion, and soul.

  7. Just came back from my trip and it’s only now that I’ve replied 🙂
    Some of it looks like spoilers, but it’s still not major spoilers in my opinion hehehe…
    And I haven’t seen any of the Evangelion movies yet.

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