State of the Proxy, September 2006


The past few weeks have been a hectic week for me, and it seems that the next would be more so. My workload has gotten a little heavier and I’m really pissed at the codes right now. I fixed one bug, two more appeared. Grrr. On the other hand, ‘extra-curricular’ activities in RL would seem to peak in October, and I was actually looking forward to a month-long hiatus. Also, I wanted to have more time to study, instead of wondering what to write next. Then it would have been quite ironic that I’d go on hiatus on my blog’s 6th ‘monthversary’. However, I’m still not finished with Neon Genesis Evangelion, and I really want to finish it as soon as possible. Every succeeding episode seems to elicit more ‘What?!’ reactions so I just can’t shove the series into the freezer just like that. But since NGE is not the only show I’m watching, I can only proceed at a snail’s pace.

And another season ends, another one begins

Now the following series are ending or has ended: Ouran High School Host Club, Honey and Clover, Xxxholic, Strawberry Panic, Ergo Proxy, Binbou Shimai Monogatari. I’m actually quite relieved that my watchlist has gotten smaller. And I’m more relieved that the new shows that I’m looking forward to all premiere in October. My most awaited new shows, basing on the posts by more resourceful bloggers, would be:

009-1 ==> There’s hints of mechs so…
Gin-iro no Olynsis ==> Mechs, what else?
D. Grey Man ==> Hyped show I’m interested
Bartender ==> ???
Hataraki Man ==> Comedy
Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch ==> Again mechs galore
Death Note ==> Interesting story
Red Garden ==> Mysterious show I’m interested
Black Lagoon Second Barrage ==> Yes gunfights galore!

But if the first episodes don’t impress me, I’ll only stick with Death Note, Hataraki Man, Code Geass, and Black Lagoon till the end.

Goodbye, Kiba

I’m also dropping Kiba. It has been a monumental waste of time, I stuck with it because I thought it would be only 26 episodes. But any more than that I cannot stand anymore. The story might have seemed more original than SP, but at least I don’t feel really bad wasting my time with SP.

What’s next?

Right now, I only want to enjoy my anime. I’m also pressed for time–I want to do a lot of things but there just isn’t enough time. I looked at two solutions: less anime viewing or less blogging about anime. Well, anime is my prime source of entertainment right now, so that means I will be cutting back on posting. I think I’ll have to temporarily stop making those first impressions posts, and Honey and Clover II would be my last foray into per episode blogging of new shows (the only exception would be the Marimite OVAs).

Hopefully, December will allow me to make up for lost time. Till then, I’ll only be posting reviews of shows I’ve finished and NGE.

PS I’m going on a little trip tomorrow so I might not be able to reply to comments immediately.


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