Looks like work will keep me busy for the rest of the year. And since there are no more shows for me to drop now (most have ended), another type of sacrifice will be made. I won’t be posting series reviews anymore–not until I’m done with Evangelion. I’m doing this because I think time spent writing reviews would be better spent on learning Nihongo. Actually, I’m in semi-panic mode right now, if there’s such a thing. I’ve only memorized one level 3 kanji successfully last month, and if I don’t pass JLPT 3 it would be like I shot myself or something. All those hours spent studying would be for naught. It’s like disrespecting myself, whatever.

So, the Ouran, H & C II, Xxxholic series reviews will have to wait. If I could only make the day longer than 24 hours…Sigh.


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  1. “If I could only make the day longer than 24 hours…”
    My sentiments exactly. I too am struggling in school and trying to blog at the same time and both are going downhill. Good luck.

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