Neon Genesis Evangelion 16


Let’s continue the headspinning…

So the Evas were copied from Adam?

What’s so special about Unit 01?

And the Eva really doesn’t need those power supplies when it’s on berserk mode?

That was a scary-looking Rei that confronted Asuka. Asuka probably has some issues of being the best? But of course, it really wasn’t good that Asuka was gloating over Shinji’s mistake of rushing to face the Angel. Another confrontation would be between Ritsuko and Misato. It is frustrating not being able to hatch a plan to ensure Shinji’s safety, but it is more so when you know that there are some secrets you have not been told.

To be trapped like that, anybody would be hallucinating. The ‘many’ Shinji’s actually just reminded me of Johari’s window. But how much of that hallucination was contributed by the Eva? Still, it was a great piece of work. I don’t know if any other mecha show can top that.

On another note, Shinji doing ‘that’ in the subway seems like he’s…never mind hahaha!


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  1. think this: why would an eva go berserk if its 100% mechanical? better yet, how is it POSSIBLE for it to go berserk when it’s just some huge weapon?

  2. That’s easy… There is a reason why the Eva’s hanger is called the “cage”, and the clamps holding it in place called “restraints”. (note, the restraints never worked; An Eva’s strength was underestimated when the restraints were designed and built.)

  3. yes it’s alive, so now we come to the question of what exactly is it, and how it was created. Eva 01 is special because it was created differently from the other evas.

    heres another question: why can only these 14 year old children pilot the evas? (shinji, rei, asuka)
    In one of the next few eps (i think it’s 18), something will happen regarding this question and you can think about it more when that happens

  4. the evas are lving beens created from adam kept within the boundaries of the “protective plates”. eeach eva has the felsh molded from adam and contains a living soul.

    eva 01 is different not for wats held within but because the pilot is shinji, and the sould of eva 01 is shinji’s mother, they have a special bond tats why his eva can go into berserk mode.

    if u watch the end of evangelion movie, asuka’s eva also goes berserk when she finally realises who’s soul was in her eva.

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