Neon Genesis Evangelion 22-23


So it’s Asuka’s turn for a ride in the mental rollercoaster in the Eva. But I’m far more interested in her mother. What was her research about? Why did she end up the way she did?

And what in the world is that Lange of Longinus? Who made it and why does it have such an effect on Angels? And why are they keeping Adam alive? (It must be, but I like asking questions now, this will record my ignorance lol. But don’t post major spoilers hehehe.) On the other hand, Asuka’s (mental and emotional) condition further deteriorated with her latest failure, and the fact that Rei saved her.

Now I get how dummy plugs were described as immoral. I actually thought that a dummy plug was a kind of AI or program, because I didn’t see what was inside. But they’re actually copies of Rei. I don’t know if it’s cloning as I know it. And how do those ‘Reis’ know how to pilot an Eva? But more importantly was the Rei who survived real or did the one who piloted the Eva die? The entry plug was very damaged when Ritsuko found it. And then the survivor Rei was saying she was probably the Third Child.

Anyway it’s a great and revealing episode. I’m really enjoying this series so far. I wonder what happens to Asuka next.


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  1. I get the feeling you misunderstood episode 23. Especially that “I think, probably, I’m the third.” (or “I must be the third one” in the dub) line from Rei. There’s no ‘survivor’ Rei. There is no spoon. xD

  2. when she says third child, she doesn’t mean the third child in the sense as shinji is the second child and asuka is the third. She is talking about something else, which is actually quite obvious so this shouldnt be a spoiler…hmm, what would i do if my wife died yet i had another hundred copies of her…?

  3. Well… this is all me just ‘assuming’ you got it wrong from your post – maybe I misunderstood you.

    Anyways: errors like this (maybe in the subs, which would be sucky for you) will confuse you more than they should probably… you should give episode 23 (Rei III) another go. Take note: * check how Rei looked in episode 21 and how she looks 5 years later in the actual series; * there already were episodes titled Rei I and Rei II; * when Ritsuko destroys the dummy plug system – look at her remote and the numbers she destroys.

    You haven’t answered my question about Directors Cut or not… so I’mma skip it this time. ;P

  4. I think the sub says 3rd child, that’s probably where I misunderstood things. I’ll check again on it later.


    What’s in the director’s cut that’s not in the not-director’s cut?

  5. Click on my nick for a screencap from ep23 DC.

    If you’ve seen the regular episode you’ll notice immediately that this was not in there. There’s about 15 minutes of additional footage and dialogue spread over those 4 episodes. Some of it is quite important – especially if you have the movies in your schedule. The director’s cut episodes have numberings 21′ to 26′, where 25’+26′ is End of Evangelion.

  6. @kacpy

    Perhaps I should pay more attention to the dialogue lol.

    @Vallen Chaos Valiant

    At first I thought she could be replaced with other pilots ^_^; then the dummy plug came along…Then I thought they could be something like copy of the pilots in digital form–did not think they were physical Rei clones at all.

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