Neon Genesis Evangelion 24


I was thinking, what the hell the Fifth child is an Angel? Huh?? Huh?? Huh??!!

So there was Gendou x Ritsuko once upon a time? Surprising. But I still don’t understand the significance of the Lance of Longinus and why Gendou doesn’t want it around. And there’s something on his palm that’s creepy. Was that the thing that SEELE was saying was already inside Ikari? Did he become like Kaoru in that they have something from Adam?

Like Shinji, I actually couldn’t get a lot of what Kaoru’s saying. Before the end of the episode my head was whirling with what the hell is Lilim? Who/what is Lilith? Can I find that in Wikipedia? XD

And that span of time before Shinji killed Kaoru was agonizingly long. At some point I was beginning to think the video was corrupted lol. But what was Rei doing standing there?

I hope I won’t be scratching my head some more in the next two episodes.


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  1. @scottafrye

    Yes the movies are next when I finish =p


    I was able to understand that part later when the episode was ending.


    Bwahahaha zenzen wakarimasen

  2. Every time you hear a name or word you don’t understand in Eva, it’s probably some Judeo-Christian historical reference. Lilith is a good example of this.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the “long pauses” in the show are points where you’re supposed to be a little introspective. The only ones I can think of right now are the Kaoru scene and the elevator scene, but I’m sure there are more. Of course, it could also be for dramatic affect.

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