Neon Genesis Evangelion 25


No, there is no hole in my head–yet. So after scoring miserably in a bowling game hours ago I decided to reward myself by watching NGE episode 25 earlier than I intended to. This mind-boggling episode has partly erased my misery, and in the end I am actually amused. Amused, because I could not make heads or tails out of it.

All three pilots get the ‘interrogation’ treatment here, delving into what makes them tick. A lot of it’s about Shinji. And I think Rei’s ‘Watashi wa nani? Watashi wa dare?’ spiel would be one of the things I will remember when I think of Evangelion. Misato is also there, but I don’t know why. She seems the odd one out since she’s not an Eva pilot.

Now I stare at the ceiling of my room, looking for answers. There is none, because there is not one question I could think of. I guess I’ll treat this episode as ‘Uh, ok. That mind-boggling episode…’ It’s really hard to make out which scenes are real, even harder to fully understand the implications of what’s happening. But then that’s because it’s not really clear to me what’s happening anyway. Instrumentality wa nani? Evangelion wa nani? Watashi wa nani? Nani, nani, nani…

I hope I get a good night’s sleep tonight.


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  1. * I guess I’ll treat this episode as ‘Uh, ok. That mind-boggling episode…’

    lol, wait for ep26. xD

    Sorta spoiler: Don’t think End of Evangelion is going to be a brand new ending. Both the TV eps and EoE show the same story but in a different way and with a slightly different outcome. So whatever mysterious stills you’ve seen in episodes 25 and 26 will take place in EoE for real. Not that it makes it easier to understand… lol…

  2. I might blow the dust off my copies of episode 25/26 and EoE. I’ve been wanted to watch some eva again for a while now. After some time, it’s like I need a recharge.

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