Neon Genesis Evangelion 26


I did get some sleep, but I can’t call it a good one since I was only able to sleep past 2 AM (Phil. time). A bad score couldn’t let me sleep immediately. But now I understand the fuss about the last two episodes. So first up is sort of a tribute for the final one.

Fly me to the moon
And let me dream among the stars
Let me see what’s Eva like
In neon green and blue

In other words, bang my head
In other words, darling shoot me

Fill my head with words
And let it ache for ever more
Truth is all I long for
But I want to think no more

In other words, I’m so blue
Hideaki Anno, how could you??!!

I don’t know if anybody else has spoofed the song like this, but it was fun to do. Now on to my thoughts on this episode.

I can only imagine the disappointment of those expecting a more clearer ending back then. Having seen a lot of mecha shows, at some point I already realized that this was no ordinary mecha show, or any other series I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if it was announced before the anime ended that there would be a movie, and if that happened today I’d be howling in protest.

So the final episode still showcases the never-ending barrage of questions and answers galore, which doesn’t let you understand what is going on. In fact it makes things more confusing, for me at least. What does this episode (and the previous one too) seek to achieve? I probably should delve some more into what this episode probably means, but I don’t want Anno to win and waste my brain cells figuring this series out.

On second thought, maybe I’ll be able to post some more–after the rewatch. And I still have to check if there’s a hole in my head somewhere…


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  1. The last episode was the Evangelion itself, imo. It’s the best ending I’ve ever encountered in an anime, and it’s psychological analysis is clearly many light years ahead of any other anime. It’s so carthatic it reminds me of ancient greek tragedies.

    But if you want answers, you can watch this sick movie called End of Evangelion. Why do I call it sick? Just watch the first scene. End of line.

  2. Well… the reason the finale is like this was because of budget cuts from what I remember…

    I’d suggest watching End of Eva and then going back to original 25-26 again. They might make more sense then. 😉

  3. I did watch End of Evangelion, and of course didn’t quite get some part though after a while i watched the commentary from the english dub which put some good retrospec and cleared things up alot.

    Oh and do people thing the english dub is good, since from the commentary the ‘owner’ of the dub said she put 6 months of research into it. ( i think its good at least ^^”)

  4. replying to a comment in the previous entry, it is still under debate as to whether episode 25 and 26 and EoE are compatible; that is, if the same thing happens but shown in a different way.
    I personally think they are two completely different endings…I’ll express myself clearer later when you watch the movie

  5. Where can I see the full english verison of EVA? I really wanna see it. It was on adult swim for awhile and I loved it, it always kept me womndering. Please link me to the full dubbed verison.


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