State of the Proxy, November 2006


I’m still tired from all the things I did today. I also feel like I’m gonna get sick or something. But I have to do something to take my mind of the mishap earlier. So here I am.

So I still haven’t done the reviews for the series I finished from the previous seasons. It’s like I’m having a real writer’s block, but I’m not. Also, I still haven’t started the rewatch of NGE, so nothing on that front either. I was planning to start this week, but I dunno, I’m not in the mood. I’m pissed because one day off has been cancelled because the bugs have struck again. The nice, long vacation is gone.

I’m also handicapped right now since I can’t post pics when I’m using my laptop. I don’t know why, I’ve tweaked the settings on my browser but nothing seems to work. So yeah, no funny/ugly pictures can be posted to annoy lol.

Ok, Battlestar Galactica is on TV now. I’m distracted. So I guess I’ll have to end here. I’ll post some more later, my prediction is that I’ll be having a hard time getting to sleep tonight.


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