Da Return! Da Comeback!


I thought I’d go back into hiatus after posting my rants but another unwelcome event personal in nature has occured and I really need something to keep me distracted from it. I won’t tell the whats and whys but it has something to do with one (or two) of the seven deadly sins. (If you really wanna know here’s a hint: if you’ve seen the film Seven (or 7?) starring Brad Pitt, it’s the last one.) And I have to say that this is perhaps the worst first week of November that I’ve ever had.

Anyway I think that I’ll stick with K2 theme for a while. I’m still not accustomed to the big letters but I like how the pages are visible on the header so over-all I still like the theme. I’m still too tired to update the sidebar and the header image so I think it will stay that way for a while. Since my laptop isn’t configured the same way as my desktop PC, I can’t do much tweaking at all.

On the posting side, I think I will lay off the first impressions posts for a while. Per episode blogging is also out, it’s too tiring and there’s not one show out there that really excites me. So I’ll be doing reviews and ranting posts for the rest of November.

And about yesterday, my mind was in disarray, but still I’m glad I was able to post something coherent. I still feel a little numb today but I have to do something other than lie in bed all day. So if there’s something that needs to pointed out, then maybe you can leave a comment. On my previous post kacpy pointed out I failed to include my thoughts on Red Garden and I really hadn’t noticed that.

I think that’s all. Ja!


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