In Review: Strawberry Panic

Aoi Nagisa is a transferee student at St. Miatre Academy, one of three all-girls schools located on Astrea Hill. There she meets the Etoile, Hanazono Shizuma. This chance encounter will define her first year at St. Miatre. (c. 2006, Rating: Average)

I picked this up out of curiousity at the yuri genre. (Of course the ‘Panic’ just reminds me of Full Metal Panic lol.) My impression of Nagisa’s character wasn’t really that good, and I hated her fainting sequences. But Shizuma I liked.

One complaint I had with this show was that there were too many characters. It’s like they were put there just to keep you entertained since there’s nothing really significant about the story anyway. But then again I must not be in the show’s target audience so maybe I’ll forgive the focus on cute girls. But still I was rolling my eyes in disgust (at the uninspired plot) and losing IQ points watching this show. It was Shizuma and her antics that kept me watching.

Of course comparisons cannot be avoided with that other similar, but vastly superior show, Maria-sama ga Miteru. Half-way through the run of this series I managed to finish Marimite and the result was that StoPani looked like an inferior copycat in comparison. Of course StoPani has more yuri moments than Marimite, so those who prefer to see some action would be more inclined to StoPani.

  • Animation at 0.50/0.75. Acceptable.
  • Characters at 0.75/1. Shizuma.
  • Music at 0.50/0.75. No comment.
  • Story/Plot/Dialogue at 0.50/1. That amnesia thingy was stupid. The dance at the Etoile election reminds me of the politicians in my country during election campaigns lol.
  • Entertainment value at 0.75/1.5. At least it’s only 26 episodes.

Rating: 3/5


10 thoughts on “In Review: Strawberry Panic

  1. SPanic is a series that I hoped I would have never bother with. Half of the time it sucked and rest were copied from so good shows that it’s not possible to make bad content about it. You don’t really miss anything if you skip the whole thing, but at least it’s better than manga.

  2. tieuyeunu

    oh well i thought the manga was okay. i didn’t really like strawberry panic to start with so reading the manga didn’t change my mind.

    i don’t see the fuss with Nagisa and that blond girl, the one tat chases after the horse riding chick. why are so many girls into them?

    if Shizuma would turn around and fall for her best friend instead i would have liked it alot more.

    its inferior to Marimite but i liked it better then Yami. which by the way is one of the most “urg” shows and had the worst ending for any anime.

  3. It’s the same if you watch it in the original order or if you shuffle the damn thing. There seems to be no plot and the hints of it are the most stupid thing ever. And what’s up with the image panning? There’s no animation for at least 5~10 minutes of every episode. Music turns really lame after listening to it once and again and again… it’s all the same

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