Oh my Chevalier, I’m bored


No, I’m not bored of Le Chavalier D’Eon. It’s just that it’s been licensed, but I’m not in another mood to do another rendition of Sisa (and that gets old too). I’ll just weep quietly then…

On the other hand, yes, I am bored. When I finished blogging Evangelion (and BSM and H&C II) , I thought, yes, I’m free! Then when I come back from my hiatus I suddenly find myself with nothing to do. Out of the current crap, er, crop of anime, there’s not one I find myself enthusiastic enough to blog.

But I still have some reviews to finish, some pieces I’ve yet to write, so I don’t think I’ll really run out of things to write about in the short term. I hope this lethargy disappears come December, and I also hope my internet connection is back by the time I get home.

End of rant.


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