In Review: Mushishi


Mushi are mysterious and strange beings that are neither truly plant or animal. They are feared by people. Ginko is a mushi-shi who investigates about mushi. Watch as he journeys to learn more about Mushi and help people along the way. (c. 2005 Rating: Excellent)

For someone who grew up watching shows geared toward the mainstream, Mushishi was a departure from my usual fare. Quoting my first impresson:

Well, this episode was a little slow, and I’m sure the next episodes are too. The animation is okay and the story is great, but I’m more comfortable with faster pacing. I’m not totally giving up on this one, but there are other series out there that I’m more interested in. I’ll keep this one on the reserved list. =p

Mushishi is not for the types who get drowsy when there is no fighting going on somewhere. Neither is this for those who look for cute girls, hot guys, mechs, etc etc. What Mushishi offers are stories of ordinary people whose lives are changed, or influenced, by their interaction with the mushi. Some stories end with a happy ending, others end in a not-so-happy ending. And even if you see most characters for one episode only, you could always sympathize with them. When other characters from other shows take more time to be able to feel at least something for them, in Mushishi it’s different. Though one complaint I have is that most characters look alike, usually the boys.

Favorite Episode/s. I like the one where he goes to the girl with the black foot. I forgot which episode that was, though. Also, the one with the two sisters was also quite sad.

Favorite Character. None, really.

  • Animation at 0.75/0.75. The landscapes are beautiful.
  • Characters at 1/1. The only one I can really remember is Ginko, really.
  • Music at 0.50/0.75. It’s not like Mushishi needs great songs/music to make it better; they’re just not that memorable for me.
  • Story/Plot/Dialogue at 1/1. No complaints from me. It’s rare that I find no fault at all.
  • Entertainment value at 1.25/1.5. This is contentious; the enjoyment of this anime actually depends on the viewers’ tastes. As for me, Mushishi is best watched in the morning or evening and when it’s really quiet. I don’t know why, really.

Rating: 4.5/5

Now I’m having problems with this rating system. The rating puts this series on the same level as Ouran, but a voice in the back of my head tells me Mushishi is superior, it should receive a perfect score!! But in retrospect, I did find it hard to immediately like Mushishi; I’m not really addicted to it. It is one excellent anime, but as I experienced I had to be in the right mood to enjoy it. And to repeat my comment about xxxHolic, if you want something unique from all those shows out there, if you’re tired of anime featuring humans vs monsters, harems, the typical fare these days (yes I’m tired of watching all that), then perhaps you could try this one. If you want to see an excellent anime, Mushishi is for you. But patience is required. Otherwise, go somewhere else for your anime fix.


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  1. ay, i agree with watching it in the evening or on a quiet peaceful morning. for characters which only last for an episode each, each episode leaves you with a deep and longlasting impression(especially with the music at the end of the episode). After watching mushishi, i couldnt help stopping for a moment after each episode and thinking about it for a while before i could move on to the next. For some reason, mushishi is just so moving to the soul. it left me awed, sad, depressed, and contemplative throughout. I personally loved it.

  2. I disagree on one thing…”Neither is this for those who look for cute girls, hot guys, mechs, etc etc.”…ginko could probably considered a hot guy. Just saying. XD
    Going to a con in oct. and get to meet travis willingham! everyone will be asking him about roy from fullmetal alchemist, but i’ll be the wierdo asking about ginko. I hope a mushi eats roy. MUHAHAHAHA.
    Yes, the characters do look alike, and maybe thats why i forget their names..aya is the only one i remember other than ginko.
    And about the xxxholic thing, I love xxxholic. I personally think it beats the pants off tsubasa. But thats just me. And mushishi is way better than ouran, even though i do so enjoy vic mignonga as tamaki. If you mean the dubbed version that is. Travis (ginko) plays mori, but you don’t hear him a lot because he doesn’t talk. But when he does, IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE GINKO! And, ironically, mori was my favorite from the manga and now has one of my favorite voice actors! But I’m getting waaaaaay off topic. Mushishi rocks. Hope for season 2!

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