In Review: Honey and Clover II

The second season of Honey & Clover. Season 1 concluded with the end of Takemoto’s journey and his confession to Hagu. What has happened since then? The conclusion to one great slice of life series unfolds. (c. 2006 Rating: Very Good)

Ok, I just didn’t know how to faithfully describe this series in a summary. Well, H&C is a great series in my eyes, no matter what naysayers may say.

Even if it’s a continuation of the first season, of course I just can’t help but compare it with the first one. For one, H&C II is shorter with only 12 episodes. However, with the first episode a recap, the impression is that it is one long drawn-out wrap-up. I can’t seem to decide, too, if the comedic situations are better or not. One thing is for sure, though. The situations our beloved characters face are more dramatic and urgent. For me, what I was looking forward to was the conclusion to the love triangles/square(?) of Rika x Mayama x Yamada x Nomiya and Takemoto X Hagu x Morita. Well, even if some of the pairings seem to have no clear conclusion, I can still say the ending was fine.

So, what else can I say? After the rewatch, I thought I’d be able to gather more thoughts/insights into H&C II. Unfortunately, despite having gone only 2 weeks (yes, I was only out for that long), I think my brain has not come out of the hiatus 100%. Perhaps my rating, my hope for some objectivity, will help my review of Honey and Clover II.

hagu and morita

  • Animation at 0.75/0.75. I love the colors. It’s still the same style as the first season, but I could have protested if it wasn’t the same. It just adds to that innocent atmosphere that H&C exudes.
  • Characters at 1/1. In the first season, Morita was my favorite character. Now I’ve turned balimbing (ok, I switched sides), and Takemoto is slightly a favorite over Morita. How can I not when I really feel sorry for the guy with his dilemma over Hagu in the later episodes.
  • Music at 0.75/0.75. There is no other anime I’ve seen recently, that has songs so beautifully integrated (or whatever term applies). Add those beautiful colors in the animation, and the effect is wow. I want to write more but I’m still at a loss how to describe it. Really.
  • Story/Plot/Dialogue at 1/1. This is a slice of life show, albeit in an innocent kind of way(right now NANA is more realistic, I think). There must be something you can relate to, I definitely have.
  • Entertainment value at 1.25/1.5 Now this is the weakness of H&C II. It gives us more of the same (of season 1), and as I said earlier it is one long drawn-out conclusion. There was a point where I grew tired of the Mayama x Rika x Yamada x Nomiya quadrangle; quite ironic because the conclusion to that one was one of the major things I looked forward to. But I don’t think H&C will be greatly diminished in my eyes because of this. It just demonstrates that ‘Some good things never last’. But unlike things that really do disappear, you can always rewatch H&C and enjoy it all over again. And someday, I will rewatch H&C I and II too (or buy the DVD if I can, hopefully my Japanese would be good enough by then).

Rating: 4.75/5

Yaha! 1 review down, 2 more to go! =p


4 thoughts on “In Review: Honey and Clover II

  1. katsha

    I luv H&C too. But although the anime was over, the manga ‘s still exist up to 10 books. The anime was over in the 7th book, so there’s still 3 more books to come. It is also said that there’ll be the drama, but who knows. The point is, I luv this page and I luv H&C!

  2. nut_tassha

    i wonder…in the end,with who yamada will end up to ? mayama? or.. nomiya?
    well…i prefer it’ll nomiya..he’s more kind than that idiot glasses man!!
    he just think about himself !! i don’t like mayama too much.
    and how about takemoto x hagu x morita ????
    if this one,i prefer takemoto…

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