Marimite fever all over again!


It’s the vacation of the lambs! Yeah!! The first Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA makes me wanna watch the series again LOL.

Ok, since I was impatient I went ahead and watched the raw for this one. It didn’t matter to me that I might not get a lot what was really going on–I used the excuse of listening practice for JLPT so that my conscience won’t bother me much. (I wanted to post my impressions yesterday, but a major headache forced me to forget about the whole thing.) On the other hand, I had also read a translation for the early part of this OVA; so I knew that Sachiko and Yumi were going on vacation. However, the translation I read was only up to the part where Yumi and Sachiko arrived at the vacation house; so after that I know no more about what was actually written in the novel. Still in the early part I can tell there are many things in the translation that were not included in this OVA.

Sleepy Sachiko
Too much beauty sleep is just–too much


Yumi expression
I really love the expression on Yumi’s face here

I’m too lazy to write a detailed summary (and I’m also not sure if I got the gist of everything anyway). But the main thing to look forward to here is the ‘showdown’ at a certain granny’s birthday party where the rich bitches would-be Sachiko friends try to embarass Yumi. Yumi fans will get to hear her sing, with Sachiko playing the piano for her. 🙂

The Visitors
The three bitches stooges visit; the 4th visitor is Touko


Angry Sachiko
Who ate my sandwiches??!!

What bothers me however, is Sachiko seems to be ‘weak’. I mean, her family’s super-rich, she can be mean and get away with it anyway. Why can’t she kick the asses of those brats? Er, ok, she’s a lady, but still, I don’t understand her this time.

Yumi singing
The first time I watched the OVA, I was having the LSS with Yumi’s song

Now with only a short time to show the story, I think it is better to read the novel or the translations (if there ever is a complete one). However, my main gripe with this OVA is that the animation is not so great: there are times when the chins are too pointed, or the way the arms were drawn look awful to me. I do believe that Sachiko was more beautifully drawn in the series.

Now I have to wait for another month or so for the next OVA. In the meantime, I’ll wait for the subs, if ever one comes out.


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  1. Hmm, I wonder if I have enough patience to wait they release all episodes before watching. Because it’s probably even more painful to watch one and then wait. =)

  2. Hehehe I wonder how many people clicked the link because of that =p


    I don’t mind watching raws but still it really is nice if there were subtitles to clear things up.

  3. I think so too… as reference to your pictures i thik Sachiko was drawn better in the series..
    She is my Fav character and as you said i think she has soften up with the other people..maybe because of YUMI.. nonetheless she is still my Number 1 onee-sama!
    Hey if ever you find a torrent or a site where you can download the subbed OVA, can you inform me?
    It is truly appreciated!

  4. lmao “Who ate my sandwiches”

    ive seen both the first, and I have the second downloaded.. but im actually waiting for the third to come out, so I have something more to fall back on. 😛 its soo good so far, it seems to me like the creator of the show is no longer constricting the characters to the world they create, but outside forces might play a role now.

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