Short Update #000


D, here’s an update =p 

Ok, I’m still feeling weird from lack of sleep. Even though the JLPT exam is over, the Christmas-related activities and dinners are still there to make me busy. But what takes time the most is the Christmas shopping for gifts–that commercialized aspect of this holiday. And my room’s still a mess in the JLPT aftermath; makes me shudder since it might soon look like Rei Ayanami’s room (sans the beaker of course) if I don’t do something about it LOL.

But since I’m an anime addict of course I will still do my part as one hehehe. So next week will be Mecha Week for me. I want to finish Innocent Venus, Eureka 7, and hopefully also finish the Evangelion movies. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to do the reviews immediately since I also want to post about other anime. If I could just find the time. *Sigh*

Now I have to get some sleep or else I’ll look like a zombie at work…Ja!


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