Axed 2006: The Third Installment


Yes, it’s another round of show-dropping excitement(??), done in part to save the time and sanity of this blogger. So what show/s gets dropped this time around?

Asatte no Houko

Whatever the spelling, I don’t mind anymore. The thing is, I find that I’m no longer interested in knowing more about the lolis characters in this show. I just don’t care what happens to the people–how things will turn out in the end, what happens to this and that. Although I liked Shoko a little, if it’s too painful just getting myself to watch this show, then I should stop wasting my time. But no, I’m not saying this series is crap. Now it actually reminds me of Tom Hanks’ Big; although the movie is better, the anime’s story is nice. But even then I still got bored of it. I particularly dislike Karada and her onii-chan. Why? I have no idea either.


The playback problem actually stopped me from watching this show earlier. Unlike Asatte no Houko, where I got to the fifth pisode, I was only able to watch the first one of this show. I don’t know why, but the show doesn’t click with me. Now the episodes left in my HD will take the trip to the recycle bin.

Pumpkin Scissors

Perhaps I should have taken the hint of my dislike for the main female character of this show. I was actually hoping for some ramatic dramatic happening to surprise me in this one a la FMA. Alas, this is a feel-goody show, no real drama to make me symphatize, and my hope of seeing great anti-tank action and gore are dashed. I will stick with Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, at least Sunako’s antics entertain me more, and there’s more bloodshed care of Sunako’s nosebleeds LOL. (But don’t get impression I like gory stuff; I absolutely dislike horror and the like.)


In my last post I mentioned Mecha Week. Well, it ain’t happening, because I was able to finish my backlog of Innocent Venus and Eureka 7 in a span of 24 hours. I blame it on my cancelled trip to the land of tarsiers. So with nothing to do, what’s the natural thing to do? Watch anime of course.

Also, I’ll be picking up shows I dropped before, namely Muteki Kanban Musume, Zero no Tsukaima, and NHK ni Youkoso. I might also get back to watching Zegapain, if I finish Muteki and ZnT quickly.

Till the next edition of Axed, ja!

And yay, 30 thousand hits care of spammers readers! I’m glad you all visited this blog of mine. 🙂


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