Naruto is #1 in RP


At least in October 2006 searches, according to Google Zeitgest. Now for the top 10:

  1. naruto
  2. anime
  3. final fantasy
  4. avril lavigne
  5. angel locsin
  6. paris hilton
  7. sasuke
  8. one piece
  9. news
  10. pokemon

Let’s scrutinize this list a little.

So Naruto is number one, which means it is the most popular anime show at the moment (or circa October 2006). Well, I’m jumping to conclusions, but I don’t think that’s far off. But one thing about the Tagalog dub: I’ve caught some instances where it’s quite awful. It is not timed accurately. But I don’t watch the TV dub primarily, so I’m spared the anguish. Anyway, the Philippines is not the only country that has Naruto as one of the top 10 search items. But it is only with the Philippines where it came up as number one.

Although it was quite a surprise to see anime-related search terms on this list (which was why it caught my attention), it can’t be said inaccurate. I can actually remember a time when almost all local TV stations featured an anime series, popular or not, and either English or Tagalog dubbed.

Final Fantasy. There are a lot of gamers, but is it safe to say there are more anime viewers than there are gamers?

Avril Lavigne. I have no idea why she is here, when was the last time she had an album?

Angel Locsin. I know she’s an actress, but presently I have no interest whatsoever in Philippine showbiz.

Paris Hilton. Are they googling her for her music, or her videos? 🙂

Sasuke. Naruto is the star. Get it?

One Piece. So it really has appeal to the Philippine viewers. Though I don’t know if it’s being shown locally and on what channel.

News. News? What news? Now I doubt this lol.

Pokemon. Whoa! Pokemon is still alive?!

In other news…


Well, another item that caught my interest was that the inspiration for the main character of Nodame Cantabile came from real life. Now I’m more interested than ever in this manga, and I’m looking forward to it’s anime adaptation.

URL of Inquirer article where I first saw the top 10 list:

URL of Google Zeitgest list

URL of Mainichi Daily News article on Nodame Cantabile


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  1. Meh. A lot of people here barely have taste in anime. I’m not surprised, though. I’d be surprised if some classic like NHK ni Youkoso! ends up in the top 10, but that’s IMPOSSIBLE. Filipinos often have attention spans of slugs. :V

  2. From where you’re from? Hehehe.

    For popularity with the masses, a series needs to be shown on a major TV station. I doubt NHK ni Youkoso would get shown on TV, since the scenes there would ruffle the feathers of conservatives, starting with the mast_rbating nun.

  3. gd point up there, where r u from?? one piece and naruto, n all these japanese anime.. i dig them too but whoa. it’s really random! and what the hell’s avril and hilton doing there?? Maybe google’s only for the otakus there?? hehehe.

  4. meh… One Piece tied up with Naruto back when I was in the flip (abs-cbn showing Naruto while One Piece at GMA). They say naruto won a little bit more viewers than One Piece, but that changed after the 4th season of Naruto.

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