Is this the beginning…


…of another addiction? They say big things start with small things…


Shonen Jump

I had some extra moolah (what the hell was all that overtime for anyway?), and of course it is to be spent on anything that catches my fancy. And this time it was Shonen Jump, December 2006 issue. I’ve already finished reading most of it, and if I manage to shake off laziness there might be a post on it. But this would probably be my first and last purchase of a Shonen Jump issue. Not worth collecting overall.



Ghost in the Shell

I was choosing between a book about writing and this one, and my friend’s reasoning had me buying GITS. I’ve only read about 1/10 and I hope to finish Ghost in the Shell this year. And yes I’ve already come across one part that made a parental advisory sticker warning necessary. 🙂

As you can see, the pictures are awful, since I used a webcam. I don’t a have a budget for a decent entry level digital camera yet, so I have to make do with what I have. The exhibit would have been larger had I been able to get that first volume either of xxxHolic or Nodame Cantabile. However, when I get the courage to try and buy I find volume one no longer in stock. 😦

Right now, I am assuming that I might enjoy collecting manga more than American comics. I was once a Marvel fan (a consequence of being surrounded by comic book fanatics), but it gets tiring when the X-Men first appeared in the 1960s and even now they’re still alive. What appeals most to me is that manga can end, and there’s a wide array of choices. But I was super rich I might buy that Phoenix Saga compilation, if I can track it down.

As for anime DVDs, I’m not in the mood for any. There’s a dearth of anime DVDs here in the Philippines, and they’re expensive anyway (unless they’re pirated). And I don’t even have a DVD player lololol.









About hayase

I am a programmer living in one of the scattered islands from the Philippines! My reason for blogging? Just itching to write, I guess. =p

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  1. >>What appeals most to me is that manga can end…

    That’s actually one of the things that I like about anime too. A story should have a beginning, middle, and end. Common sense right? I usually don’t bother wish shows that pass the 30 episode mark.

    I’m looking for closure . . .damnit.

    I also agree that the X-men characters are getting a little tired after so many decades. Except Wolverine. Wolverine rocks.

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