In Review: Gundam Seed Stargazer


Set in the chaos of the Junius 7 drop in Gundam Seed Destiny, this 3-part ONA tells the story of people behind the project called Stargazer. (c. 2006 Rating: Average)

I still stand by my original impression that this is just a ploy to sell more Gundam toys.

  • Animation at 0.75/0.75.
  • Characters at 1/1. Hmm, too short for the characters to make a real, long lasting impression. But it’s surprising that the characters make you care about them faster or better than most of the characters from the main shows Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny.
  • Music at 0.50/0.75. No memorable tunes for me here.
  • Story/Plot/Dialogue at 0.50/1. If you’ve seen Gundam Seed Destiny, you’ll understand the story a little. If not, well, you could head over to MAHQ for more info.
  • Entertainment value at 1.0/1.5. It’s Gundam, expect nothing less than explosions and stuff.

Rating: 3.75/5

With its length, a comparison with Voices of a Distant Star comes to mind. It might be unfair comparison, but it just goes to show how more could have been done to improve Stargazer. It must be because there were more characters in Stargazer. On the other hand, Voices manages to convey a lot given its short length. But it is Gundam we’re talking about here. Such a waste, but not as much a waste as Gundam Seed Destiny was.

Even then, what I like about this show was the somewhat sad ending. I assumed the worst happened, but then I can never be sure. Those wanting more Gundam action (or short mecha action) will like Stargazer. But for those who haven’t seen Gundam Seed Destiny, or even Gundam Seed (or don’t like Gundam or mecha), better pass on this one.


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