The 2006 Post Mortem


Welcome to my year-end rants!

I’ve been blogging for eight months already, and since hours from now it’s gonna be the start of the another year, let me bore you one last time–for 2006. XD

So what have I learned? Well, my experience tells me that…

  1. My per episode blogging sucks. I know, I’m just rambling. I started out blogging Jyu Oh Sei, and though there really never were comments, it was fun. Making fun of Jyu Oh Sei, that is. The best ones would probably have to be the Honey and Clover ones, because I love the show so much. Another thing about per episode blogging is that it requires effort, and the screen shot taking also tires me a lot. Also, an undertaking like that requires a lot of free time, something that I lack. Because of this, you might not see anymore of it next year. That might make corydorf happy. But you know, they say practice makes perfect. So who knows, I might unleash another barrage of crappy episodic posts if I get too bored. =p
  2. When you don’t feel like writing, don’t. There were times that I dreaded writing some posts because it had become such a chore. My mind was going blank, absolutely refusing to provide me with words to write. Taking my time will also enable me to avoid the anime blogging burnout.
  3. I can’t watch everything. As much as I want to watch more anime, I’ve realized it is never good to watch too much. It’s another invitation to anime burnout. Also, as an anime ‘veteran’, I’ve learned to be quite selective of what I watch. My motto is, if it doesn’t click with me, drop it, but if the reviews are good, perhaps it’s time for a second look. What are your fellow bloggers’ reviews there for anyway? 🙂

This year was also the first time that I got my own Internet connection, and as such it is also the first time I’ve become up to date with the newest anime series in Japan. It has been quite a ride I’ve watched and finished so many shows it must be a record for me lol. You could say that 2006 was a golden year for me as an anime fan.

On that front, it was also a year of discovery for me. New genres, like yuri, came to my attention (think Marimite, Kannazuki no Miko). Anime was no longer about giant robots and super Saiyans. They can come closer to life than some live action shows, or just take you to the heights of fantasy. I also got to know new words/terms, like trap, tsundere, etc, though I could never define moe or be able to identify a character as moe. Well, it doesn’t matter, I never watch anime for moe anyway.

2006 was also the year I was immersed into the anime blogging community. Lots of thanks to the aggregators Anime Nano and Animeblogger Antenna for letting me on. It’s really great to read other people’s thoughts. Though my interaction is limited because right now I like reading blogs more than forums, and have no time for IRC chat. (I also love the occasional e-dorama hehehe.)

Anyway, I think this blog has served its purpose. I am happy that I am able to blog what I wanted to blog and that my English is not deteriorating lol. There’s still lots of room for improvement and I hope my blog reads better next year. XD

As for my plans for next year, well, I would like to finish that post backlog. And since I’m not planning on doing per episode posts anymore next year (although Nodame Cantabile makes me itch too), I’m thinking of other topics to tackle. Since I might not be taking JLPT 2 anymore (the thought of studying more just turns me off), I might have more time to finish more anime. I’ll just pray I don’t get lots of overtime (though it is more likely to be lots of it next year).

Ok, if I missed anything it’s because I’m tired now. I need to get some sleep, for I need to start on Zegapain again. Ja!


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  1. Well I don’t consider my posts top notch material either, but I do find it fun blogging and that’s all that matters. At times I don’t feel like blogging anime episodes, but that’s probably by the time I want to do it I’m dead tired.

    Hopefully the new year will be different for both of us! So have a Happy New Year!

  2. I once considered doing per episode blogging, but after seeing that so many others could do it better than me, I decided to not bother, you know? If it’s bogging you down or becomes a chore, that’s when something has to give or you may end up not wanting to blog at all. Though for 8 months, you seem to have done pretty well, and have watched series that I’ve watched or have done a “first impression” review on.

    In any case, keep doing what makes you happy, and bring in the new year with a fresh start! Good day to you!

  3. @Adun

    As long as blogging is fun or has purpose for us we gotta keep doing it! =p


    After the thrill of the first few months I began to tire a little, but thanks to some anti-burnout measures I was able to get past 6 months! I do really hope to do better posts this year, not necessarily quantity-wise, but quality-wise.

    Thanks for the comments guys, and advanced Happy New Year! 🙂

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