State of the Proxy, January 2007


Uninspired is the true state of yours truly right now. A slow, and unpredictable internet connection, and a noisy and annoying PC plagues me right now. My WordPress interface is also acting weird, the visual button thingies are gone! I don’t know why, but when I used a laptop to write my 4 previous posts all the button thingies were there. Now using my desktop PC they’re all gone tsk tsk tsk.

But what’s to post about? Backlog-wise, I’m still not in the mood for another marathon (though that may change if my videocard and monitor upgrade goes through smoothly). I have an unfinished post that is languishing because of lack of inspiration (see opening paragraph of this post).

What I’m trying to say is, there might not be updates for a while. Just staring at failed loading pages is giving me high blood pressure. But don’t worry, if I feel the ‘itch’ to write (like I’m feeling now), I will definitely post an update.

And before I forget, I would like to welcome back Hopeless Sensei and lolikitsune to the blogging limelight. Hopeless’ blog was quiet for some time, and lolikit stopped blogging late last year. However, connection times out for lolikit’s web site. Damn ISP! I better get a rebate for this.

So before I grow white hair while waiting for pages to load, ja!

P.S. Which theme looks better, K2-lite or this Neat! theme? I’m confused…

P.P.S. Waah!! Blooper! I had just shut down the computer when I realized I wrote 2006 in the title. It’s 2007 now. And a restart was all it took to get to load lolikit’s page. =p


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  1. There are many days that I feel uninspired to write mainly due to my inability to create an interesting post, but that eventually passes and I’m able to get something written down. BTW, The K2-lite looked better than this current theme, in my opinion.

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