The third post for 2007

  • Death Note has been licensed. Perhaps it’s time I dusted off those Nihongo books of mine. On the other hand, I wouldn’t die if I can’t watch DN, right?
  • The new shows have been rather uninteresting, and I haven’t watched anything new yet. Besides, my internet connection is still crappy. Oh wait, there’s Nodame Cantabile and that Kannazuki no Miko-like series! Then I look at my BT client, and I say to myself: forget it for now. Besides, I’ve already read the first two volumes of the Nodame Cantabile manga, and I see no urgency in watching Kyousora blah3x.
  • So what’s fueling me through this broadband drought? I’ve started already on Monster, restarted on Mobile Suit Gundam, and still wavering on my 2006 series backlog. I can’t seem to finish one Zegapain episode in one sitting, can’t watch Muteki continously, and I have trouble scheduling NHK.
  • I also got colds, which graduated to annoying coughs, so aside from lost work hours, there were also lost anime viewing time lol. (I’m feeling better now, that’s why I have the energy to post this one.)
  • I’m dropping Night Head Genesis. I see no more ‘benefits’ if I continue watching this show.

I’ll try to see if I can post something next week. I’m supposed to be in Hataraki Mode, but work will always be there I suppose. Ja!


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