Proxy’s Picks January 2007


New Feature: Proxy’s Picks

Remember when I said I was thinking of a new feature? (Ok, I forgot which post that was anymore.) Well this is it. Since surfing is one of my favorite activities, I thought I’d do something like this. Also, this is some kind of guarantee I’d get to post at least once a month hahaha.

Basically, Proxy’s Picks is just a compilation of the posts that caught my attention. (Or maybe you can think of it as my personal bookmark of interesting posts lol.) I don’t promise everything to be interesting, and it’s also quite limited in scope since I mostly read anime blogs from Anime Nano and Animeblogger Antenna. It’s more convenient that way. If I do find something else, I’ll jot it down, if I can remember it.

Now enough of that. Hajimemasho!

Lolikit is back, and dishes out an entertaining post on Kyoushiro to…to…to…Damn, just when I think I’ve memorized that title I forget the complete name again. Sure the series is crap, but the mystery part is why I’m watching it.

Michael shares his experience of going to an anime convention in the Philippines. I have never been to one, and from where I’m from, might not be able to go to one for a long time.

Makenai Desuwayo’s shutdown. I don’t remember reading his final post, but basing on the reactions must have been quite ‘controversial’. Unfortunately I’m not a regular reader of his blog, so I’m not so familiar with his style.

It’s the second post from Sana Jisushi here.

psgels does another informative summary. Will link for future reference lol.

Something useful.

It’s been licensed all right, but I’m still getting my subs. The day I see a legit Death Note DVD in my favorite mall might never come. This is the Philippines, not the US of A.

Most misleading post ever. I thought I’d see pics of lots of schools.

Otaku rooms. This craze was started by ’em Singaporean bloggers, and unfortunately I can’t feature my room. My room is painted an awful green dammit! It’s not photogenic at all.

The guys at THAT were busy churning out posts to start the new year, while I was languishing in broadband hell.

Jeff has a new blogger named Skane. =p

And finally, the first e-dorama of the year.

Ok, I think that’s it for now. I could have written more comments, but I got a nasty headache, and a mousy in my trash can. Damn.


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