My Top 5 Anime for 2007 v1.0


Aack!! Another post! It’s a miracle! =p

And it’s the first rankings post for 2007. Yay! My laziness has disappeared for awhile…

The Top 5


The better the show gets, the sadder it becomes. I wonder if there will a show that will come up this year to dethrone NANA from the top spot. And what that show might be.

#2 Code Geass

Although I think this series can’t be taken too seriously what with all that shameless Pizza Hut promotion and fanservice, I still like Lelouch’s character a lot. I like his strategies, and he brings a semblance of intelligence to the show. There hasn’t been too much focus on the mechs either, but maybe it’s better that way.

#3 Death Note

I do still think this show is good, but lately I haven’t been looking forward to it that much. It must be because the novelty has worn off, or maybe I watched too much Monster. Still, it’s good enough to place third.

#4 Red Garden

Whoa! I thought this show would degenerate later, and I was thinking it might get lined up for the axing. And then episode 16 came along. The headmistress kicking ass was a sight, but the death of JC (the guy handler of our heroines) was touching enough to make me care about the show again. And Herve and Emilio flying around was a surprise too!

#5 Nodame Cantabile

I’m still not sure if it was a wise decision to read the early part of the manga first, but I’ve noticed that it was not as funny as it was in the manga. And I also saw the first episode of the live action drama. The fact that it’s also animated in Honey and Clover style doesn’t help. When I see the buildings and the colors I’m half expecting Hagu or Takemoto to appear, or think something like ‘It looks like in Honey and Clover’, which isn’t good at all. It actually detracts from viewing Nodame Cantabile as Nodame Cantabile. Well, after they’ve animated the first two volumes of the manga maybe I’ll start to enjoy this once I don’t know what will happen next.

New Series

  • Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora

Watashi no ouji-sama! Why am I watching this crap? Am I crazy, or just plain bored? Where’s my Himeko x Chikane? Die, Kyoshirou! (Or Koshiro? Whatever.) Okay, it’s a bad one but it’s quite laughable just watching it is a little enjoyable lol. But if it were not for the shows similarity with Kannazuki no Miko, this show wouldn’t even be on my radar.

  • Venus versus Virus

The first episode was a little ok, but the next three really don’t excite that much. We have these girls fighting against ‘viruses’, which are actually like bad spirits. Sumire reminds me of Nagisa from StoPani, and Luchia reminds me of Mai Hime’s Natsuki Kuga. Now, the animation isn’t impressive, the ‘viruses’ aren’t that detailed or inspired. The attempt at drama doesn’t accomplish much either. Now something good or exciting better happen or this show will be axed–for being boring.

  • Manabi Straight

I really wanted to give this show a chance, but watching the lolis in swimsuits just gives me the feeling this show isn’t for me.

  • BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution

When I scanned this one, I was quite excited at first when I saw mechs. It’s like The Matrix meets Bakuretsu Tenshi, and with the bonus of exploding heads. However, episode two was just a little too much for me. One of the female mech pilots was ‘violated’ electronically. Although it wasn’t supposed to be real, the sequence was a turn-off. Then I found out that this was based on an ero game, which further contributed to it’s falling from grace. Now, not all ero game adaptations are bad, but the few shows that I’ve come across haven’t been really that good for me. Fate/Stay Night was a little disappointing, and I didn’t even finish Utawarerumono or AIR. Anybody who’s read this blog for some time will know I’m a mech fan, but I’ll pass on this one. I’ll feel better by watching SaiMono, or even the original yawn-inducing Mobile Suit Gundam.

  • Naruto Shippuden

I dunno if I got the title right, but I’m too tired to confirm it now. Well, the first two episodes were animated beautifully it was as if I was watching a movie. I hope the level of animation doesn’t drop too low in the next episode. I wonder if I’m going to catch that Naruto fever once again. 🙂

Older Shows

  • Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

The boys are getting annoying. There are good episodes and there are bad ones. Bah.

  • Sokou no Strain

This series went downhill and has never really recovered. Too bad, too bad.

  • SaiMono

I’m still trying to catch up, but I get this peaceful feeling whenever I watch the show.

  • Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA 2

I think the animation is getting worse. I wonder if this would have been better if they had decided to make this a series instead of an OVA. Please make the third installment better. Please…

Whew! That it’s for now, ja!


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  1. That’s actually one of major reasons why I never enjoyed Nodame. I kept expecting third season of h&c and it wasn’t anything like that. It also shame that Yuki didn’t sing opening song…

  2. @Anga

    I hope it gets better soon. But I’m not expecting anything on par with Honey and Clover anymore. It would just ruin the whole experience.

    @abu ameerah

    Sorry to hear that. As for me, I grew up watching cartoons/anime and was addicted to it then–and even now. But anime isn’t for everyone, I can understand that. But for people like me who are fans, anime has meaning to us. That’s why we love it.

  3. I had a feeling that NANA is going to be huge this year when I watched the first episode and found myself relating to Hachi Nana’s being mistaken for a high school student, something which had happened to me in real life earlier that day.

    And my boyfriend is convinced that there is no such thing as good anime anymore … just wait until I hand him those first four episodes.

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