New Macross series? YEsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

Just when I thought the current mecha landscape was getting dangerously boring, here comes a new Macross series. Me being a Macross fangirl, it is great news indeed. And Minmay is in it?!! I’m not sure if that’s really true. Although I do hate Minmay a little, I also like the songs so we need to a have singer and it’s Macross!! And most importantly, will Misa Hayase be around too? I Want To See Hayase!!!!



ANN post

Victor audition webpage (as if I really read it)


25 thoughts on “New Macross series? YEsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Karry

    What do you mean : “Yesssssssssss!!!!!!!” ?
    The original Macross was decent, but all the sequels were s**t, did they not ?

  2. Perhaps you haven’t seen Macross Plus?

    It’s the best Macross sequel, IMO. And DYRL was pretty good, although it just deviated from the original series.

  3. Necromancer

    Macross Plus was the 1st Macross I saw, always my fave though I did like Macross 7 alot :D. I’m looking forward to a new Macross alot (I still need to get round to watching the original Macross, still only halway through Robotech aswell, lol)

  4. Edu

    Macross, the very first series, was really good for the time being. Now it’s kinda ridiculous, though shitty Harmony Gold gave us Robotech in late 80’s, it’s kinda nostalgic.

    Definitively, Macross Plus is the best sequel. DYRL is a movie within the world of Macross, so there’s no related sequel at all. Macross 7 is kinda shit. Macross II is more shit. Macross Zero is green. If a new series of Macross is released, I prefer it to be more realistic, than idealistic like Zero and 7. Complex story, plz.

  5. >>Why do babbling otaku think it’s cool to hate minmay? She’s a fictional character for crissake.

    As for myself, I am a Misa Hayase/Lisa Hayes fan, so of course I wouldn’t like Minmay for Ichijyo. I’d want Misa to win her guy. 🙂

    As for other ‘otaku’, I think they think it’s cool because a lot of people do seem to not like her. It’s like an ‘in’ thing to do. Not that I approve of it though.

  6. tonbo

    awesome isn’t it ? new series …

    but sorry folks. according to what i gleaned from NewType magazine July 2007 issue ( Japan ), Kawamori Shoji means this new tv show to revolve around some school/academy (?) . trainees? cadets? you guys make the guess. from the character sketches and handwriting, the character designer is none other than Haruhiko Mikimoto

    – Macross was tv dorama style
    – Macross ‘Do You Remember Love’ was theatre style
    ( note: Kawamori took the helm directing the movie at the age of 22 )
    – Macross Plus was trial ‘Digital animation blended with 2D’
    – Macross 7 was ‘manga’ style
    – Macross Zero was ‘folklore’ style. it scored major break thrus in digital animation but not in the pace suited for a drawn out tv series…
    – Kawamori laments to not have found the key to OVA quality anime at lower budget and time constraints, until … now.
    – Macross ’25’ … i only wonder if some school love comedy might erupt from all this. (ala FMP fumoffu… nah)

    putting the icing to the cake is Haruhiko Mikimoto sensei who’s character designs since Macross, Macross ‘Do You Remember Love’ – Macross 7 Trash(awesome manga) and recently ‘Ecole du Ciel’ ( also manga revolving around an Academy for MS pilot cadets ) have enthralled the faithful
    ps. i do comprehend Japanese writing. heh

  7. @tonbo

    Hmm, Macross is all about mechs and the music and the dorama, so how is this gonna pan out in a school setting? But I’m crossing my fingers it’s not going to be Macross 7-style.

  8. Ouran High School Club “style.” ? Oh my, people are gonna have a field day parodying it. I pray it’s not comedic because I don’t think it will help Macross get new fans. Macross 7 was awfully laughable.

  9. Seisuke

    Oh man, a FREAKEN! new Macross series. That’s gonna be SWEET!!!
    Now I would like Kawamori-san to hear this out. What about a TRUE prequel of MACROSS, the ORIGIN of the alien-spacecraft known as the SDF-1 Macross. I want to know WHO were the aliens that created the spacecraft BEFORE it crash on earth in 1999 & before it was known SDF-1. Every details about the CREATORS (aliens) of Zentradis & Protoculture. NO NOT THE ROBOTECH MASTERS, piece of SHIT! that Carl Macek & Hamony Gold did. Well respond to me if anybody have a clue about it, ARIGATO-GOZAIMASU!!!!

  10. James Westfall

    Who said Minmei and Misa would be back? That Kawamori guy said he never wanted to use those characters again and would rather make fresh ones didn’t he?

  11. Super Dimensional Otaku

    The voice actor who played Hikaru Ichijo (the template for Robotech’s Rick Hunter) died in a motorcycle accident years ago. And since they treat voice actors as seriously over in Japan like we treat real actors in the US, Hikaru will never be seen again out of respect to the deceased. Sad, really.

    MACROSS is really a brand name more than a single continuing storyline, as SDF MACROSS, MACROSS: DYRL, MACROSS II, MACROSS PLUS, MACROSS 7 and MACROSS 0 had almost nothing to do with other. MACROSS 25 will be a tv series with all-new characters and all-new mecha and an all-new storyline. I just hope it’s not another prequel … Man, do I hate knowing how things end before they start.

    Still, I’m glad they’re at least doing something big for MACROSS’s 25th.

  12. Justin

    I happen to love Macross 7. Trash it all you want, but it sure was popular in Japan. Parts of the story were ridiculous and it was like jamming these stupid freakish monsters into a Macross universe, but the music and action were very good in my opinion. Fukuyama Yoshiki (sp?) was an amazing vocalist. I hope the new series has a better story than Macross 7 but continues with the excellent music and action.

  13. @Super Dimensional Otaku

    Sorry my reply is almost a year late. Hope you’re still around reading this blog.

    It is indeed sad that Ichijou’s VA died. However, the prequel and sequels do build their stories around the original Macross series–I do not see it too far-fetched to have a mention of Ichijou’s and Hayase’s fate at all. Until it is clearly depicted in the anime (and not in some interview/article/whatever) that Ichijou et al will never be heard from ever, I will always hope that we see them again. And not just their backs in the pilot episode of Macross Frontier.


    The series yes, there’s a lack of real love for it, but I also loved the ‘The Galaxy is Calling Me’ movie. So I can say Macross 7 is not wholly disappointing. And if there’s anything that’s sure to be loved about any Macross production, it’s gotta be the music–and Macross 7 delivers, all right. (I haven’t seen Macross II though.)

  14. Robotech as know it made me fall in love with anime way before Akira or Ghost in the Shell, loved Plus, just wish the CGI was available back to give it the Zero.

  15. Blade

    There was Macross, Macross Pluse, Macross 7, Macross Zero, and Macross Frontier (Screw Homotech *i mean Robotech*) i hope to see a Macross 11 series since they made a special scene showing and naming the ship Macross 11 during the final battle of Macross Frontier.

    Seeing that there are Robo(Homo as many call it)tech fans here i will just state my reason now on why i don’t like it insted of having a to come back later with my reason. #1 Notice how they cant make any straight name or even alien referances in Robotech, thats because harmony gold lost all rights to Macross due to how horrible of a job they did in dubbing it, Example A: the final song in the original series was a love song not a “We will win this fight” song, also due to that they big time changed the theme of the series.

    also if you watch macross and robotech you’ll notice big conflictions in the technology and story/ univers, Example A: thehover motorcycles that transform into the mechas in robo tech but are never seen in Macross. Ex. B: The earth being taken over in robotech by a new alien race calle “The Robotech Masters”, in Macross you clearly see that the earth is still under Human/ Zentradi controle. Ex. C:the space craft don’t look anything alike between Macross and robotech, yet the many differant space crafts between colonies with in each series is simular no matter where they are at/from.

    Back to previouse example B, The who earth being taken over by the “Robotech Masters” bugs the hell out of me not because of the confliction between the series on the state of the earth (even tho in Macross the Earth is still heavly desolate from the bombard attack and in robotech it look almost compleatly untouched from the attack) (ok so that does bug me alot too but im trying to stick to 1 point at a time) the take over by these “Robotech Masters” bugs me because in robotech they say that humans called the technology “Robotech” so why would there be a random alien race with the exact same name as the technology that humans named?

    Another thig is in Macross Humans built the mechas because they noticed that the interior of the original ship that crashed on earth was huge and showed signs of have giants by our standards with in the ship, the mecha were built so we would have a chance against them, now robo tech states that the blue prints for the mechas were just randomly found in the ship and must have belonged to this alien race “The Robotech Masters” but how would he have been able to read the randome blu prints, it wouldn’t go by and means of our measurments nor be in our language.

    Those are my big reasons for not likeing Homotech

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