Thoughts on Code Geass Season 2


I know I just posted in my progress report that Code Geass might possibly be THE mecha show for 2007. I actually forgot the possible implications of a season 2, and jvaldez has pointed this out in his post Code Geass – So, about this second season thing dot dot dot. So Code Geass might lose some closure for season 1, that’s the bad side effect.

His fears are not unfounded, but I’m alright now, because another dose of Macross is just around the corner yippeee!!!! As in, I don’t care about Code Geass when there’s Macross LOL!

But anyway, jvaldez had his ‘demands’. Me? Well, aside from the one that I posted there (Lelouch geassing everybody to just eat Pizza Hut), here are my other demands:

  • I want a Kira Yamato cameo!!! Yeah, so that he can teach Suzaku how to be really angsty and act so that he can garner more sympathy for his idealism. Lame idealism that is.
  • And while we’re at it, how about a Shin Asuka cameo too?! He can teach Kallen how to pwn Suzaku. So that we can have really interesting mecha fights.
  • Have Nina Einstein transfer to St. Miatre. I know she’ll definitely like staying at the Strawberry dorms. Hahaha. If that’s not possible, perhaps she can become Milly’s petite soeur?
  • Let Euphemia learn how to sing, pilot a mecha, and then it’s done!! The transformation to the alternate Lacus-sama that is, only a little dumber.
  • Shirley x Rivalz. They make a good pair, they’re quite alike–in an annoying kind of way.
  • DO NOT kill Cornelia. Please keep the sexy governor. Please.
  • And lastly, for C.C. to stop eating Pizza Hut. Too much pizza is not good for the health. But that’s not gonna happen, ever.

I guess that’s all for my rant now (and it’s getting too hot for blogging now it’s mid-day where I am). Ja!

Post post comment: Ok, I just finished watching episode 18 and Euphemia really does ride a mecha. Now all that’s left is for her to sing hahaha. And the only serious part of my demands would be about Cornelia.

Edit: Sorry about the bad link to jvaldez’s post. Fixed it now.


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  1. They all seem reasonable, the demands.

    I watched a little of Macross a while back. I like it, but there is just so much Macross that I couldn’t commit to it.

    > So Code Geass might lose some closure for season 1, that’s the bad side effect.

    If you sum-up my points so succinctly, people are going to start realizing that I don’t put more than two or three minutes thought into what I write. =P

  2. >>I watched a little of Macross a while back. I like it, but there is just so much Macross that I couldn’t commit to it.

    Perhaps just watching the original Macross would be enough. Or if 36 (I’m not really sure) episodes is just too much, Macross Plus would just do fine. But there’s really no rush to watch right? And there’s really no need to watch every Macross sequel. 😉

    >>If you sum-up my points so succinctly, people are going to start realizing that I don’t put more than two or three minutes thought into what I write. =P

    Perhaps people would also realize I like to summarize because I’m too lazy to go into details. 🙂

  3. Are you kiddin? Have you seen C.C’s package?? Every chick in the world NEEDS a slice of that pizza!!!

  4. not to ruin your demands but teaching Euphemia ANYTHING isn’t really going to do much good. I won’t tell you why, just finish season one and you’ll know.

  5. @Kotoro

    Yeah, I know why. I think I had not yet seen the subbed episode where what happened to Euphemia ‘happened’. This article was posted March, so the series wasn’t finished yet. 😉

  6. I know for a guy. This is kinda a mushy demand, but they have put some effort into shirly regaining her memories….I would love for them to actually follow thought with that… They may end up doing that in the end… only to have something tragic happen. Now that I think about it…. since his geass power is now greater couldnt he use it more than once on people. Cliche, but nessesary.

    I agree about Cornelia, dont kill her….just put her on the side lines for a while and bring her our in a time when she could do some serious owage.

  7. Cornellia is still alive, remembers chatting to Zero….. but dosen’t remember Leleuche.
    She got hit in the side-a favourite of these animators to show injury not death.
    I for one am hoping for a Geass armed Shirley.
    Think about it seriously for 1 miniute and you can almost imagine the Fllay grade apocalyptic implications.
    Either way she was actualy in the intro for ep 24/25, that in itself shows she is going to be an important charecter.

  8. yeah uh something happens with Euphemia :(, wished they gave Cornelia a kick ass knightmare, man Todoh or whatever that samurai guy never got any coverage, the ending seemed really rushed well hoping they tie up all the loose ends with season 2

  9. NOOOO code geass season was ment to strat a day ago allready but some fucker got the slot and we will have to wait like half year!!!!!

  10. Said “fucker” is Gundam 00, made by the same people.
    They obviously don’t want both of them competing for screantime (mecha/war/action genre).
    They “tied up loose ends” – are you crazy? they made more if anything!!
    I for one am trying to figure out C.C’s real name, few that fit what Leleuche said in ep 12 matches the name “Elizabeth” if you squint – she was mentioned during a history lesson earlier.
    Well sux to be you if you don’t like Gundam because it’s forst season comes before Geass.
    At any rate it gives fanfic writers time to take over the role for a while and hopefully come up with some original material before Sunrise 😛

  11. LOL Heres the real spoilers. Season 1 is about Lelouche using his geass power and the whole season is done from his perspective. In season 2, Suzaku gets his own geass power and the whole series is done from his perspective. Theres also going to be OVA’s about Nunally’s geass ability.

  12. Blasfomy!!
    Suzaku with Geass would ruin it.
    Nunnaly as she is in the Knightmare of Nunnaly manga would work.
    She thought the Brittanians had killed Lulu….. I might have pitied what she did to them. Think the druggies from SEED and you have an idea of what she was like.

  13. will japan/tokyo be come independent in season 2 or will the rebal army be desimated and broken
    sending lelouche be forced in to exile

  14. is it just me or does anyone else think karen is gorgeous. i mean, she’s perfect. i’ve never felt such an attachment to an anime character..ever since the start i was waiting for lelouch to tell her his true identity and somehow they could build a bond. man i really wanted to see them together. hopefully in season two but jeez she is so cute!

  15. I couldn’t agree more Kevin, Karen(Kallen,Karren however you want to spell it) is freaking HOT, not to mention substantially more…. normal than most sunrise characters. Reminds me ALOT of luna from Destiny.

    Anyway, really looking forward to the second season and while we wait i’ll be enjoying Gundam 00

  16. so i just finished season two :O of code geass….
    [kinda of late, maybe] but T__T
    is there really only thirty episodes and that’s how it
    ends? ;__; I’m so confused…

  17. I know that sort of attachment… for some reason I had it for Hinata from Naruto… I personally am gonna miss Euphenia, she was cute… but then again the artist for the series did very well as most of the female characters (who werent meant to be ugly) look very nice indeed…

  18. Are you currently watching Code Geass 2?? Because I tell you, it’s developing insanely and I have just recently witnessed one of the greatest plot twists in episode 18. I wanna know what you think!

  19. Waaah. I’m actually crying. The end of season 2 was epic, brilliant, but was so…bittersweet. I wish they would’ve done it another way. ToT

  20. Finished Both seasons in two days. One of the best animes ever i was so attached to gundam 00 but now i forgot all about that and am so intangled by Code geass. The second season was brilliant the plot twist the emotion the attachmnet to each character was amazing. Shirly dies : _( im so sad Leouch’s love dies but he has a list of girls after him but she was my favorite next to Kallen/Karren. Leouch the sacrifice of the sins of the world, i think the writer tryed to make him christ like? Ths was a very intellectuall anime it really made you think. It made me relize the thin line between good and evil. Anyway the serise was amazing a MUST SEE! Did anyone think that Loeuch stil alive in the end cuz C.C was talking to him i think. I dont know which to think. This anime is in my top 10.

  21. you better watch for GUNDAM SEED that was also nice anime!i really love watching anime pls tell me d real name of C.C of code geass ill wait tnx???

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