State of the Proxy, March 2007


Here we go again.

I fear this is going to be the norm for a while: me posting on weekends, then disappearing on weekdays. But I’m happy that I’m still on target for the double-digit posts. (10 is double-digit, right? LOL ) And yes, I’m trying mightily not to whine anymore.

Secondly, since I’m in a sort of review backlog, I may have to skip reviewing some old shows that I finish. It’s unfortunate given the fact that one of the primary reasons for having this blog was to do reviews. But I have to give up on bloggging everything I watch, lest things pile up and make my mind go really, really blank. I am scared of doing anything that will lead to burnout. Forcing things is just not good. It might be called preventive maintenance. 🙂

What’s keeping me entertained right now, given the dearth of really good shows, is Revolutionary Girl Utena. I’m more than halfway through, and I might finish it within this week, if I have enough time. It’s a little weird in some ways, but I’m still enjoying it. I also saw the first episode of Kasimasi. I dunno if I’m gonna finish it though.

That’s it for now, ja!


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  1. You should just take your time and enjoy the shows ^^ Because if an anime series will prove itself worthy, the words will be dying to burst out from you anyway and you’d be itching to write about it.

    I watched Kasimasi before, it wasn’t that great. The premise was weak and quite random because of the aliens and all.

  2. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting on the weekends or every two weeks for that matter. This is kind of a personal take on it, but I’ve come to a realization that I’ve been putting the blog before my own life, and it’s been obvious by the very fact that my younger cousins are getting their lives together while I’m still stuck in the same place I was ten years ago. So, if there isn’t any post for an entire month, so be it. The blog will always be here, but your life will pass you by before you know it if you allow it to.

    Yeah, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to blog about everything you watch. It’s simply too time-consuming to do so, and I agree that it will most likely lead to burnout. The shows that really grip your attention and pull at your heartstrings are the ones that you should definitely write about. I’ve never watched Revolutionary Girl Utena, but I have it sitting in my drawer collecting dust. If you like it, then I probably will as well since we seem to like the same shows.

  3. @Seleria

    On your first point, my other problem is, even if the series is good I still can’t enough words for the review that will do justice to it. ^_^;

    About Kasimasi, well, yeah, the alien thing did weaken the series’ premise.


    Wow we sometimes think along the same lines. I’ve also wondered what productive thing I could have done if I didn’t blog. But then I’ve also liked to write about things (not only anime), so I guess the time I spent on this blog is somewhat justified. But still there are the what-ifs, and looking at your peers’ (or even juniors’) achievements only make the feeling of life passing by much worse.

    About Utena, I came to like it once I got over the ‘oldness’ of the show (my copy is quite crappy), and the weird setup. An example: I liked how bad guy no. 1 manipulates the characters. It’s quite interesting. Almost everyone (? not really sure) succumbs to their weakness. Well, that’s how I see it anyway. 🙂

  4. Once on weekends is not so bad. I try to update at least once a week. But recently, that’s been difficult. So no worries about weekend posts.

    As for Utena, i hope you enjoy it. I’ve seen all three seasons and thought it was good. Though, if it wasn’t for the introduction of a major character for season three that they introduce in Season 2, I’d say S2 could be avoided.

    It wasn’t bad, but doesn’t do anything for the overall story. At least not that I saw.

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