Proxy’s Picks February 2007


Aha! Another post! 4 more to go!

Another otaku room for your viewing pleasure.

Another one of psgel’s summaries.

DM does a post on the generation gap–with technology.

tjhan celebrates his blog’s first anniversary with a very good read–a list of highlights on his best and interesting posts. I don’t think I have any post worth highlighting on my blog’s first anniversary though. Sigh.

Tsubaki gets burned out–for a while. =p

A hilarious post on why nerds make the best boyfriends.

So theoretically, how do otaku celebrate New Year? Err, Lunar New Year. So it doesn’t apply to me. XD

A basketball team of anime characters? You might be interested why the members were chosen.

I enjoyed reading Catcher in the Rye (by JD Salinger). However, I can’t say the same for the short story The Laughing Man. But whether they really jived with the GITS SAC story is no longer a main concern for me. But if it weren’t for GITS SAC, I wouldn’t have taken the effort to look for a copy of the Catcher in the Rye and borrow it. And it’s really an entertaining read, and controversial at that.

It’s what the title says. And yes, Death Note bores me now.

The Japanese are taking note of the popularity of anime worldwide–and are not happy with the proliferation of uploaded anime videos on YouTube.

Join Darkshaunz as he ‘explores why we love our anime girls so much, and which types are realisitc representations of the real thing, amongst energy beams, saiyans and gundams.’

What’s the appeal of yuri? Find out.

It’s kind of off-topic, but yes Ten’s post topic is yummy.

Report dead links so that I can correct them. Thanks! =)


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