Axed March 2007


Nothing monumental; just me seriously dropping shows from my watchlist because the new season will soon be in full swing. (And I’m running out of precious hard disk space. I’m thinking of buying a new 160 GB SATA HD. My overtime pay might come in handy LOL.)

Sent to the Recycle Bin

  • Eyeshield 21

I used to love this show. Now I don’t care anymore. A huge factor was the slow subs. I could watch it raw if I really wanted to and download the subs later, but then the format change? No, I don’t have the patience anymore to get the new ones.

Also, ES21 had been feeling somewhat repititive. The teams are starting to look all alike, and downright boring. It hit the peak with the whole ‘GUTS’ team (or whatever that team was). But I still have fond memories of their US training, and of course, how could I forget trigger-happy Hiruma? (No pics. I can’t believe there are not a lot of nice Hiruma pics out there.)

Shipped to the South Pole

  • Muteki Kanban Musume
  • Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

Okay, just put very deep into a freezer. No matter how I try, I just can’t find the urge to finish these shows. For Muteki, the comedy just doesn’t make me laugh. As for MOSH, I got turned off by the whole bunny costume thingy. But seeing that I rewatched shows I dropped in the past, I might one day dust off my copies of these two shows. But for now, I don’t want them to clutter my mind anymore as part of my backlog.

New garbage in

Okay, these are the new shows I’m looking forward to. I’ve actually forgotten what some of these shows were all about. I didn’t care to write why I was interested in them. But I’m pretty sure I listed the first five for having mechs (or its possibility). And Darker than Black, I listed because it’s done by Bones (if I’m not mistaken). Actually watching them also depends on the subs, or the lack of it. But if I get bored, I may as well watch raws.

  • Moonlight Mile
  • Reideen
  • Giant Robo
  • Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula
  • Engage Planet Kiss Dum
  • Mushiuta
  • Code-E
  • Darker than Black
  • Claymore
  • Hayate the Combat Butler

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  1. I’m going to have to determine what I’ll stop watching. I really haven’t structured it in the past because if a show wasn’t interesting, I simply stopped acquiring the subs.

    Muteki Kanban Musume was funny for me, but I’m easily amused.

    Claymore is the only show that seems interesting right now.

    As for raws. Sometimes, I’ll load of a video and the subtitles will not show up for some reason or another (player issue). It usually takes me a little while (couple of minutes sometimes) to realize I don’t know what they are saying for the most part.

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