Axed March 2007: Part II


Houston, I have a problem…

I need more disk space. @_@

Actually, I thought that what I would be watching would only be the ones I listed here, but then Omni posted his spring 2007 preview. So I looked at it and then realized, hey, there are a lot of shows still worth trying. So, to help clear my backlog, we have 2 major victims today.

  • Venus Versus Virus

To tell the truth, I cheated and read the post on the VVV ending. I didn’t like it at all. VVV isn’t worth finishing, IMHO. Thank goodness I was still only up to episode 7.

  • Le Chevalier d’Eon

I’ve just noticed recently that I haven’t been fond of shows with pre-20th century timelines. The only exception being Saiunkoku Monogatari. I no longer have any interest in Chevalier. The enthusiasm and my expectations for this series are long gone. Secondly, I still haven’t forgotten Production IG’s Blood+ debacle. I hate wasting my time, and forcing myself to watch something I don’t like anymore.

More Garbage In

I find myself revitalized somewhat (but that could be attributed to the fact I’m gonna be doing less overtime at work lol). I don’t know if I have the time to post first impressions, but surely, I will watch at the least the first episodes of these shows. Finishing them, however, is another matter. It all depends on the subs, or on whether the Japanese dialogue is comprehensible enough for me to keep on watching the raws.

  • Wellber no Monogatari ~Sisters of Wellber~ ==> I’m taking the risk
  • RomeoXJuliet ==> Just curious
  • Lovely Complex ==> Is it going to be funny? I hope so.
  • Toward the Terra ==> Nice title.
  • Lucky Star ==> I’m taking a big risk. Hope I finish the first episode.
  • sola ==> Just curious.
  • Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA ==> Where there’s mecha, there’s a big probability I’ll watch. But I’m not sure if I can take too much fanservice (which I’m expecting loads of).
  • Bokurano ==> Hmm…The most interesting of the lot.
  • Kaze no Stigma ==> Title sounds interesting.
  • THE SKULL MAN ==> Did somebody mention BONES?

And so ends my 10th and last post for March 2007. Ja!


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  1. It’s funny how often I have to change and move files around when more stuff comes out. And it’s also annoying how I can’t really chip into chip into my backlog because of other responsibilities I have. But I feel your pain. 😛

  2. Yes, organizing that stash is one of the more painful chores of this anime-viewing habit of ours.

    (And this post isn’t my last, thanks to the fact I can’t seem to sleep. It’s so damn HOT tonight in this tropical island I’m in. *Sigh* )

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