Diamond-studded Gundam?!


Forgive the title, but I’m feeling insomniac right now.

A Gundam made of pure platinum, and with a 0.15 carat diamond mounted to the head, will be displayed at BaselWorld 2007. Basel World 2007 is a watch and jewelry show that starts April 12. Why a Gundam should be there doesn’t make sense. Oh well, it’s not yet for sale, but if it were, the price tag would be a whopping US$250,000. Is there any otaku out there willing to shell out that kind of money? Wait, does this mean a Gundam can also last forever? @_@ As in Gundam SEED Eternity? Noooooooo!!!!!!!!

Platinum Gundam from Bandai

Bandai Photo



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  2. That doesn’t exactly make sense. How big is the figure? A .15 carat(beter known as 15 point) diamond is tiny and platinum is not that expensive.

  3. It’s not that expensive though, especially not with a diamond that small. I managed a fine jewelry store for 3 yrs. Most of that price, is hyped up cost by the manufacturer.

    I’m not sayin it doesn’t look cool, but that price tag is crazy.

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