Anime Progress Report Spring 2007 Part 1


Claymore * Moonlight Mile * Reideen * Heroic Age * Freedom * Darker than Black * Hayate the Combat Butler * Engage Planet Kiss Dum * Sola * Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA * Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula * El Cazador de la Bruja

  • Claymore

So far this is the most interesting show I’ve seen. I’ve watched the subs twice–once on a laptop, then again on my PC (so that I could see it in widescreen hehehe). It’s about monsters called youma against half-youma/half-human females called Claymores. I’m very excited because:

  1. The lead (or leads?) apparently is a sword-wielding female, who looks more capable than the last show I watched which featured a blonde sword-wielding female in a blue dress with an asshole for a master. The possibility of a harem being created is close to zero.
  2. The lone male who is a major character is not annoying, so far hasn’t shown any overt idealistic tendencies, apparently can’t use magic, and doesn’t have a home he can dwell on anymore. Thus, the possibility of a harem being created is close to zero.
  3. The OP doesn’t feature cute females in bikinis or other ‘sexy’ stuff. Thus, the possibility of a harem being created is close to zero.
  4. The bad guys are ugly, human-eating monsters, not clad in sexy violet outfit complete with a whip, or dressed in kiddie clothes. Thus, the possibility of a harem being created is close to zero.

Sorry, I just wanted to take another dig at FSN. =p


Clare looks way cooler than Saber

  • Heroic Age

I like the fact that the mechs are not in CG’ed, but then I have my reservations when the supposed ‘savior’ with the bad-ass mech is like a ‘savage’. It means he hasn’t been in contact with other people for a while (and probably grew up with no contact from other humans). But I’m still optimistic the show can offer something more interesting in the succeeding episodes.


Oh my, Apollo looked better

  • Freedom

In this series, Earth has been turned into a wasteland and the remaining Earthlings dwell in a settlement called Eden. But our hero learns that there are people still alive on Earth, and that the government in Eden had lied to them all along. I actually don’t like the main character, but it’s sci-fi stuff, so I’m watching.


The show kicked off with a cool race

  • Darker than Black

I read the blog summary and watched the raw, and episode one still has failed to impress me. I fear another Night Head Genesis-like experience, where I watch the first several episodes, stop at some point and have unwatched episodes pile up, then decide it’s not worth finishing anymore. Well, there’s still Bokurano left to watch.

  • Hayate the Combat Butler

It’s funny most of the time, and I’m glad the characters are tolerable. Hayate at first looked like Honey and Clover’s Takemoto–only he got no luck in the lottery with the parents he ended up with lol. And he becomes the butler of a rich girl he saved from kidnappers. I’ll be watching this one, because I haven’t watched anything really funny after Ouran Host Club and Zero No Tsukaima.

mecha hahaha

  • Engage Planet Kiss Dum

I’m not really sure, but I think this is the show that had ‘Abrupt Awekning’ in its episode title. It had me laughing louder than when I watched Hayate, but it’s not good if that’s what I’ll remember the show for. Anyway, from what I understand, some monsters are after some relic. And the humans have nice mechs used to do some monster-slaying. But what I don’t like is that the main character is probably an annoying guy, with a plain girlfriend or something. I’ll watch if there are subs, but if there are none, bye-bye.

  • sola

Before I got to the last few scenes which involved action, I got the impression this was going to be another harem show. Now don’t blame me just because I watched the raws. I’m still clueless as to what the show is really about. But I don’t like the character designs, so I’ll pass on this one.

  • Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA

A show with cute girls aiming to be idols as the main feature usually doesn’t appeal to me, but the mech designs are decent. I think I’ll watch a few more episodes if the cute stuff is tolerable. If not, I’ll drop this show.

  • Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula

Another show about another boy destined to pilot a certain mech. Duh. Pass.

  • El Cazador de la Bruja

A girl named Ellis is chased by goons, and a bounty hunter saves her. What’s interesting is that Ellis seems to have some sort of power. It could possibly be a product of an experiment conducted on her, I think. I find that premise interesting so I’ll be watching this one closely.

  • Moonlight Mile

This series is probably famous now for its sexually active main characters. The animation is good, but I still don’t have a clue what the opening murder (on the moon at that!) scene’s connection with the aspiring astronauts is. But so far the story hasn’t bored me (especially Goro’s antics) and I think I’ll finish this one. Unless it turns into Gattaca in the end, which will spur me to write a scathing review.

  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Just one look at the mech the characters rode on and I got the urge to not watch another minute of this show again.

  • Reideen

I don’t know if this qualifies as a spring season series, but I’ll put it here anyway. The giant mechs are super slow, the title font is ugly, and I’m not happy at all with main character who’s piloting the Reideen. He is so boring. And why do they strip him of clothes when he pilots the Reideen? The guy doesn’t have an athletic body we can all appreciate, so why show him off? I have no idea if I will pick this up again, but if the girl who is in the OP pilots it, I might be interested in Reideen again lol.

  • Juusoukikou Dancougar Nova

Another non-spring series (probably). The animation reminds me of 80’s mech shows. What I find unbelievable is that the Dancougar’s ‘pilots’ were kidnapped initially, and yet they’re not hysterical about it??!! The mech itself looks uninspired and probably didn’t get enough budget for its paint lol. I don’t think there’s much meat to the story (aimed at people way younger than me) so I’ll pass.


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  1. sola is not so much romance as it is mystery. The material is original and not an adaptation. If you are curious enough, you can check out the audio drama preview to find out more about the characters that inhabit sola.


  2. @Zeroblade

    It does seem Saber has some edge when it comes to comparing beautiful faces, but as a whole (which includes attitudes, mannerisms and stuff), Clare is more appealing. At least for now.


    I’ll be reading blog summaries of sola for a while, so if it gets interesting I might take a look at it again.


    Most of the time they are, because if the story goes kaput, what else is there to watch? 🙂

    Kidding aside, yes, it matters because well-designed mechs mean the makers of the show put effort into it. With Gurren Lagann (I’m assuming you’re talking about this one?), I simply have the impression it’s not my type of thing. It’s been compared (or has similarities) with FLCL in other bloggers’ reviews. I finished FLCL recently, but it didn’t impress me that much. I guess comedy and mecha combination don’t appeal to me most of the time, I like epic dorama in my mecha shows. =p

  3. heh i like clare better then i liked saber (i loved and hated that show the master guy made me mad alot fricking ahole) but the show is less kiddy? (right word?) then sabers show was( i forgot the name and would spell wrong anyway if i did remember it) right now im checking out the other shows (also the kaze no stigma show doesnt seem anything like shakugan no shana incase ppl thought it was a knock off i looked it up just to make sure b4 i passed it over completly it is made by gonzo ya know lol) i wish there was more sword swingin shows though lol

  4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a pure action comedy; the mech designs are meant to be ridiculous. I recommend that you give it a second chance based on the merits of the entertainment involved. However, if mecha design is that important to you…I advise you run away as far away as you can.

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